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Nothing in Sections 108, 109 and 110 of the Act shall prejudice this power to refuse to register the transfer of, or the transmission on legal documents by operation of law of the rights to, any shares or interest of a member in, any shares or debentures of the Company. 63 (a) An application of registration of the "transfer of shares may be made either by the transferor or the transferee provided that where such application is made by the transferor, no registration shall in the case of partly paid shares be effected unless the Company gives notice of the application to the transferee and subject to the provisions of Clause (d) of this Article, the Company shall unless objection is made by the transferee within two weeks from the date of receipt of the notice, enter in the Register of members the name of the transferee in the same manner and subject to the same conditions as if the application for registration was made by the transferee. (b) For the purpose order phentermine 37 5mg of clause (a) above notice to the transferee shall be deemed to have been duly given if sent by prepaid registered post to the transferee at the address given in the instrument of transfer and shall be deemed to have been duly delivered at the time at which it would have been delivered to him in the ordinary course of post. (c) It shall not be lawful for the Company to register a transfer of any shares unless a proper instrument of transfer duly stamped and executed by or on behalf of the transferor and by or on behalf of the transferee and specifying the name, address and occupation if any, of the transferee has been delivered to the Company alongwith the Certificate hepc tramadol cheap tramadol relating to the shares and if no such Certificate is in existence, alongwith the letter of allotment of shares. The Directors may also call for such other evidence as may reasonably be required to show the right of the transferor to make the transfer provided that where it is proved to the satisfaction order phentermine 37 5mg of the Directors of the Company that an instrument of transfer signed by the transferor and the transferee has been lost, the Company may, if the Directors think fit, on an application in writing made by the transferee and bearing the stamp required by an instrument of transfer register the transfer on such terms as to indemnity as the Directors may think fit. (d) Nothing in clause (c) above shall prejudice any power of the company to register as share holder any person to whom the right to any share has been transmitted by operation of law. (e) The company shall accept all applications for transfer of shares/debentures, however, hydrocodone overnight no prescpription this condition shall not apply to requests received by the company; (A) for splitting of a share or debenture certificate into several scripts of very small denominations; (B) proposals for transfer of shares/debentures comprised in a share/debenture certificate to several parties involving, splitting of a share/debenture certificate into small denominations and that inition co uk tramadol online such split/transfer appears to be order phentermine 37 5mg unreasonable or without any genuine need. (i) transfer of Equity shares/debentures made in pursuance of any statutory provision or an order of a competent court of law; (ii) the transfer of the entire Equity shares/debentures by an existing shareholder/ debenture holder of the Company holding under one folio less than 10 (ten) Equity Shares or 10 (ten) debentures (all relating to the same series) less than in market lots by a single transfer to a single or joint transferee. (iii) the transfer of not less than 10 (ten) Equity shares or 10 (ten) debentures (all relating to the same series) in favour of the same transferee(s) under two or order phentermine 37 5mg more transfer deeds, out of which one or more relate(s) to the transfer of less than 10 (ten) Equity Shares/10 (ten) debentures. (iv) the transfer of less than 10 (ten) Equity shares or 10 (ten) debentures (all relating to the same series) to the existing share holder/debenture holder subject to verification by the Company.

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