Is oxycodone and oxycontin the same

Is oxycodone and oxycontin the same

The operation of each of these systems can have a significant effect on one or more of the others.

For example: •patent protection encourages investment in the R&D and clinical trials necessary to bring a new medicines or medical treatments to market, reducing reliance on Government funding to bring new medicines and health treatments to market; •the time it takes to conduct is oxycodone and oxycontin the same clinical trials and obtain marketing approval affects the period of effective market exclusivity for a patented pharmaceutical and when an application for PBS listing is made; •the granting of patents and patent term extensions directly affects the availability of generic products to the market, which in turn affects the level of PBS subsidies, and ultimately the cost of the PBS to the Government and taxpayers.

All of the regulatory systems affect whether a product will be made available to the public hydrocodone erowid in a timely and cost effective manner. A number of different agencies are responsible for administering these schemes and processes: •the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIICCSRTE) and the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) administer government R&D funding programs; •IP Australia administers the patent system; •TGA administers the marketing approval system; and •PBAC evaluates applications for PBS listing. Each agency has its own role within the system, with limited interaction between agencies when fulfilling their separate administrative roles. For example, applications to IP Australia, xanax online us the TGA and PBAC are all separate processes with their own criteria for success, with patent eligibility considered by IP Australia an entirely separate matter to safety and efficacy evaluations undertaken by the TGA, or cost-effectiveness evaluations by PBAC.

Whether a patent exists for a particular drug is not a relevant consideration for the TGA or PBAC. One example of coordination between the systems is the parallel process for TGA and PBS applications recently introduced by DoHA to assist pharmaceutical companies to reduce the time taken to obtain the required approvals. In 201112, 39% of major submissions considered by the PBAC took advantage of this 391 process.383 As far as policy development is concerned there are a number of bodies that coordinate government health policy, is oxycodone and oxycontin the same such as the Council of Australian Governments Standing Council on Health. The Pharmaceutical Industry Working Group (PIWG) provides a forum where Government and industry representatives can discuss key issues relevant to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. PIWG is chaired jointly by the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and the Minister for Health and Ageing. Representatives include the CEO of the NHMRC, originator and generic pharmaceutical is oxycodone and oxycontin the same manufacturers, biotechnology companies, over the counter and complementary medicine companies and research institutions. The terms of reference for PIWG include the discussion of impediments and opportunities in various areas, including innovation, regulation and approvals processes and research and path to market. Another relevant forum with industry is the Access to Medicines Working Group (AMWG).

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