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Where the Company issues shares at a premium, whether for cash or otherwise e, a sum equal to the aggregate amount or value of the premium on those shares shall be transferred to an account to be called "controlled realease pain medicine other than oxycontin the share premium account" and the provisions of the;' Act relating to the reduction of the Share Capital of the Company shall didrex vs. phentermine except as provided in this Article, apply as if the share premium account were paid-up share capital of, ' the Company. The share premium account may, notwithstanding, anything in clause (a) above, the applied by the Company. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) in paying up unissued shares of the Company to be issued to members of the Company as fully paid bonus shares; in writing off the preliminary expenses of the Company; in writing off the expenses of, or information tramadol the commission paid or discount allowed on, any issue of shares or debentures of the Company; or in providing for the premium payable on the redemption of any redeemable preference 22 If and whenever, as the result of issue of new or further shares or any consolidation or sub-division of shares, any shares are held by members in fractions, the Directors shall, subject to the provisions of the Act and these Articles and to the directions of the Company in general meeting, if any, sell those shares, which members hold in fractions, for the best price reasonably obtainable and shall pay and distribute to and amongst the members entitled to such shares in due proportion, the net proceeds of the sale thereof. For the purpose of giving effect to any such sale the Directors may authorise any person to transfer the shares sold to the purchaser thereof, comprised in any such transfer and he shall not be bound to see to the application of the purchase money nor shall his title to the shares be affected by any irregularity or invalidity in the proceedings in reference to the sale.

23 An application signed by or on behalf of an applicant for shares in the Company, followed by an allotment of any shares therein shall be an acceptance of shares within the meaning of these Articles and every person who thus or otherwise accepts any shares and whose name is on the Register of Members shall for the purpose of these Articles be a member. The Director shall comply with the provisions of Sections 69, 70, 71, 72 and 24 73 of the Act in so far as they are applicable. The money (if any) which the Board shall, on the allotment of any shares being made by them, require or direct to be paid by way of deposit, call or otherwise in respect of any shares allotted by them, immediately, on the insertion of the name of the allottee in the Register of Members as the name of the holder of such shares, become a debt, due to and 25 recoverable by the Company from the allottee thereof, and shall be paid" by him accordingly. Save as herein provided, the Company shall be entitled to treat the person whose name appears on the Register of Members as the holder of any share as the absolute owner thereof, and accordingly shall information tramadol not (except as ordered by a Court of competent jurisdiction or as by law required) be bound to recognise any benami, trust of equity or equitable, contingent, future, or partial or other claim or claims or right to or interest in 'such share on the part of any other person whether or not it shall have express or implied notice thereof and the provisions of Section 153 of the Act shall apply. Buy-Back of shares 12A Notwithstanding anything contained in these Articles and subject to the provisions of Section 77 A & 778 of the Companies Act, 1956 the Company may, when and if thought fit buy back such of the information tramadol Company's own shares or securities as it may think necessary, subject to such limits, upon such terms and conditions and subject to such approvals, as may be permitted by the Law. Reduction of Capital 9 The Company may from time to time by special resolution, subject to confirmation by the court and subject to the provisions of Sections 78, 80 and 100 to 104 of the Act, reduce its share capital and any Capital Redemption Reserve Account or premium account in any manner for the time being authorised by law and in particular without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power may be : (a) extinguishing or reducing the liability on any of its shares in respect of Share Capital not paid up; (b) either with or without extinguishing or reducing liability on any of its shares, cancel paid up share capital which is lost or is unrepresented by available assets; or (c) either with or without extinguishing or reducing liability on any of its shares, payoff any paid up share capital which is in excess of the wants of the Company; and may, if and so far as is necessary, alter its Memorandum, by reducing the amount of its share capital and of its shares information tramadol accordingly. Modification of Rights 12 If at any time the share capital, by reason of the issue of Preference Shares or otherwise, is divided into different classes of shares, xanax time released all or any of the rights and privileges attached to any class (unless otherwise provided by the terms of issue of the shares of that class) may, subject to the provisions of Sections 106 and 107 of the Act and whether or not the Company is being wound up, information tramadol be varied, modified, commuttad, affected or abrogated with the consent in writing of the holders of three-fourths in nominal value of the issued shares of that class or with the sanction of a Special Resolution passed at a separate general meeting of the holders of the shares of that class.

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