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The final allocation is subject to the physical application being valid in all respect along with receipt of stipulated documents, the Issue Price being finalised at a price not higher than the Anchor Investor Issue Price and Allotment by the Board of Directors or any committee thereof. Unblocking of ASBA Account Once the Basis of Allotment is approved by the Designated Stock Exchange, the Registrar to the Issue shall provide the following details to the Controlling Branches of each SCSB, along with instructions to unblock the relevant bank accounts and transfer the requisite money to the Public Issue Account designated for this purpose, within the timelines specified in the ASBA facility: (i) the number of Equity Shares to be Allotted against each valid Bid by an ASBA Bidder, (ii) the amount to be transferred from the relevant bank account to the Public Issue Account, for each valid Bid by an ASBA Bidder, (iii) the date by which funds referred to in above shall be transferred to the Public Issue Account, and (iv) details of rejected Bids by ASBA Bidders, if any, along with reasons for rejection and details of withdrawn and/or unsuccessful Bids by ASBA Bidders, if any, to enable SCSBs to unblock the respective bank accounts.

On the basis of instructions from the Registrar to the Issue, the SCSBs shall transfer the requisite amount against each successful ASBA Bidder to the Public Issue Account and shall unblock the excess amount, if any, in the ASBA Account.

In case of withdrawal/failure of the Issue, the blocked amount shall be unblocked on receipt of such information from the Registrar to the Issue. Designated Date and Allotment (a)Our Company will ensure that the Allotment and credit to the successful Bidder's depositary account will be completed within 12 Working Days of the Bid/ Issue Closing Date. (b)Equity Shares will be generic tramadol issued and Allotment shall be made only in the dematerialised form to the Allottees.

(c)Allottees will have the option to re-materialise the Equity Shares so Allotted as per the provisions of the Companies Act and the Depositories Act. Investors are advised to hydrocodone drug instruct their Depository Participant to accept the Equity Shares that may be Allotted to them. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Do's: 1.Check if you are eligible to apply as per the terms of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus and under applicable law; 2. Read all the instructions carefully and hydrocodone and tylenol 3 complete the Bid cum Application Form in the prescribed form; 4.

Ensure that the Bidder's depository account is valid and active; 5.

Ensure that the details about the DP ID, Client ID and PAN are correct as Allotment will be in the dematerialised form only; 6.

Ensure that the Bids are submitted in phentermine uk at the Syndicate Bidding Centres only in phentermine uk on Bid cum Application Forms bearing the stamp of a Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate, of if submitted at the Non Syndicate Broker Centres or the Designated Branches, are stamped by the Non Syndicate Registered Brokers or SCSB, as the case may be; 7. Ensure that you have funds equal to the Bid Amount in your bank account before submitting the Bid cum Application Form to the Syndicate. Ensure that you have Bid by way of ASBA (for QIBs and Non-Institutional Bidders); 9. Ensure that you request for and receive a TRS in phentermine uk for all your Bid options; 10.Submit revised Bids to the same Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate, SCSB or the Non Syndicate Registered Brokers, as the case may be, through whom the original Bid was placed and obtain a revised TRS or acknowledgment; 11.

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