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This coupled with the patent expiry of branded products are the key growth drivers of the global generic pharmaceutical industry. The prices of branded pharmaceutical products are expected to decrease significantly once formulations become generic upon ws search buy prednisone online buy phentermine cheap buy the expiry of the exclusivity period applicable to such formulations. Chart-III set forth below shows the estimated and expected generic market size outlook for certain key markets. Pharmaceuticals: Generic market size outlook Unit US Europe Japan Canada Total Estimated Generic Market Size in 2011 $ bn 44.4 29.7 6.0 7.2 87.3 Expected Generic Market by 2016 $ bn 63-65 39-41 9-10 10-11 120-125 CAGR (2011 to ca phentermine site viagra 2016) % 8-9 6-8 9-11 8-9 7-9 Source: CRISIL Research (Source: CRISIL Report Opinion - Formulations Exports - Key Growth Drivers - Indian players well-placed to exploit emerging generics opportunity (December 2012).) THE INDIAN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY The size of the Indian pharmaceutical industry was estimated at U.S.$29.1 billion (including exports) in 2011-2012. Of this, the domestic formulations market was valued at U.S.$11.6 billion (or ' 556.6 billion). In terms of value, it constituted only 1.2% of the global pharmaceutical market, because of lower drug prices and lesser penetration of healthcare in India, as compared to developed markets, such as the United States and Europe. (Source: CRISIL Report - Industry Information - Industry Overview (February 2013).) Indian pharmaceutical companies have manufacturing opportunities in two segments - formulations and bulk drugs. The formulations segment can be further categorized into domestic consumption and exports. Traditionally, the domestic segment accounted for 40-50% of the total formulations production, with exports constituting the larger balance.

Although this share is expected to remain stable till 2016-2017, the share of formulations exports is set to rise gradually. Chart-IV set forth below gives a description of the manufacturing opportunities available to Indian pharmaceutical players. In the case of bulk drugs, by contrast, domestic consumption accounts for only 10-20% of the total production. Hence, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is dominated by exports (in both bulk drugs and formulations), which contributed about 60% of the industry's sales in 2011-2012. Formulations are exported either through contracts (supply) or directly sold (retail) in the market.

Similarly, bulk drugs are either supplied under a contract in case of patented drugs or are sold outright in the case of off-patent drugs. In the coming years, Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers are poised to extend their presence in on-patent regulated markets, while maintaining a strong foothold in the generics (off-patent drugs) market as well. Chart-V set forth below represents estimated and projected sales and compounded annual growth percentages of domestic formulations, formulations exports and bulk drug exports in brand named drugs containing hydrocodone 2006-2007, 2011-2012 and 2016-2017. Indian pharmaceuticals industry sales by key segments 2006-07 2011-12 2016-17 (P) 2006-07 to 2011-12 2011-12 to 2016-17 Compounded annual growth (%) Domestic formulations Rs billion 279.0 556.6 1,050-1,100 14.8 13-15 Formulation exports USD billion 3.2 8.5 16-17 21.7 14-16 Bulk Drug Exports (E) USD billion 3.5 9.0 17-18 20.7 14-16 Total market 10.7 29.1 53-55 17.7 14-16* * - Assuming in phentermine hcl constant currency E: Estimated, P: Projected Source: CRISIL Research, Directorate General of Foreign trade (DGFT) (Source: CRISIL Report - Opinion - Manufacturing Opportunities - Manufacturing opportunities for Indian pharma companies to remain upbeat (December 2012).) Overall, the demand for pharmaceuticals is expected to increase at a CAGR of 14-16% to U.S.$53-55 billion by 2016-2017 from an estimated phentermine hcl S.$29.1 billion in 2011-2012.

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