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Hydrocodone aspirin

With the aim of enhancing convenience and compliance, Pharmacia & Upjohn formulated an extended release (XR) alprazolam tablet with a longer duration of action related to slower absorption. The terminal half-life of alprazolam XR is not different than that of alprazolam IR. The extended release formulation may provide a more convenient dosing regimen and is expected by the sponsor to improve patient compliance by allowing less frequent dosing. r--9 Following discussions with the Division on July 19, 2001, Pharmacia now submits a new NDA for XANAX XR Tablets (NDA 21-434). XANAX XR was first approved in Finland on August 15, 1994. Registration approval has been granted for XANAX XR in.51 countries for indications which vary by location. Indications include: Pariib Disorder, anxiety, anxiety associated with depression, mixed anxiety-depression, and depression associated with functional or organ disease. XANAX XR has never been refused approval due to safety reasons, and it has never been removed from marketing.

According to the sponsor, the formulation approved in other countries is "very similar to the proposed US formulation, differing primarily in tablet shapes and colors." On July 19,2001, a pre-NDA meeting was held between the Division and representatives of Pharmacia & Upjohn. The sponsor requested the meeting in order to reach agreement with the Division regarding information that would be'required for submission of a new NDA for XANAX XR Tablets. ^ At that hydrocodone er time, Division policy required two such studies for review.

---7-7"; The following points were discussed in the pre-NDA meeting and were submitted in writing to the sponsor: 3.Based on summary hydrocodone aspirin information provided, the new vicodin hydrocodone buy xanax order valium online alprazolam application would likely be filable. However, this would be a matter for review hydrocodone aspirin at the time of actual filing.

4.The sponsor would be required to 5.It was noted that the clinical efficacy trial was conducted with once daily dosing of alprazolam XR. In order to how to make generic oxycontin injectable support twice daily dosing with the extended release formulation, the sponsor would be required to demonstrate that plasma concentrations with twice daily dosing of alprazolam XR fall between those with once daily dosing with alprazolam XR and QID dosing with the immediate release formulation of alprazolam. 6.A literature search and a synopsis of current ADME and drug-drug interaction data with alprazolam must be included in the submission. 7.An in vitro assessment of the metabolism of alprazolam and potential drug-drug interaction data with alprazolam must be included in the submission. 8.Development of an in vitro-in vivo correlation of the new formulation should be included in the submission if sufficient data are available. 9.info d phentermine Electronic submission of all clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetic, and clinical trials studies was requested.

10.The proposed hydrocodone aspirin XANAX XR formulation must be identical to the formulation submitted in the 1991 NDA.

US Regulatory History of XANAX XR Division of Neuropharmacological Drug Products Date Summary of Events February 14, 1991 Upjohn met with the Division to hydrocodone aspirin discuss the proposed NDA for XANAX XR Tablets; The Division suggested a biopharmaceutic approach as an alternative to clinical data as the primary support for the extended release formulation. April 8, 1991 & May 29, 1991 Upjohn submitted letters to the Division providing a description bf the biopharmaceutic studies to be used as primary support of the XANAX XR NDA. August 27, hydrocodone aspirin 1991 Upjohn submitted --" for XANAX XR Tablets extended-release dosage form of alprazolam.

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