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All grievances relating to the ASBA process may also be copied to the Registrar to the Issue.

Bidders can contact the Compliance Officer or the Registrar to the Issue in case of any pre-Issue or post-Issue related problems such as non-receipt of Allotment Advice, credit of Allotted Equity Shares in the respective beneficiary accounts, refund orders etc. All grievances relating to Bids submitted through the Non Syndicate Registered Broker may be addressed to the Stock Exchanges with a copy to the Registrar to the Issue. Within 12 Working Days of the Bid/ Issue Closing Date, the Registrar to the Issue will dispatch the refund orders for all amounts payable to unsuccessful Bidders (other than ASBA Bidders) and also any excess amount paid on Bidding, after adjusting for allocation/ Allotment to Bidders In the case of Bidders other than ASBA Bidders, the Registrar to the Issue will obtain from the Depositories the Bidders' bank account details, including the MICR code, on the basis of the DP ID, Client ID and PAN provided by the Bidders in their Bid cum Application Forms. Accordingly, Bidders are advised to immediately update their details as appearing on the records of their Depository Participants. Failure to do so may result in delays in dispatch of refund orders or refunds through electronic transfer of funds, as applicable, and any such delay will be at the Bidders' sole risk and neither our Company, the Selling Shareholder, the Registrar to the Issue, the Escrow Collection Banks, or the Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate, will be liable to compensate the Bidders for any losses caused to them due to any such delay, or liable to pay any interest for such delay. In the case of Bids from Eligible NRIs and FIIs, any refunds will normally be payable in Indian Rupees only and net of bank charges and/or commission. Mode of making refunds for Bidders other than ASBA Bidders The payment of refund, if any, for Bidders other than ASBA Bidders would be done through any of the following modes: 1.NECS - Payment of refund would be done through NECS for applicants having an account at any of the centres specified by RBI where except where the applicant, being eligible, opts to generic xanax pill receive refund through direct credit or RTGSle. This mode of payment of refunds would be subject to availability of complete bank account details including the MICR code from the Depositories. 2.Direct Credit - Applicants having bank accounts with the Refund Bank (s), as pharmacy no prescription phentermine per Demographic Details received from generic xanax pill the Depositories, shall be eligible to receive refunds through direct credit. Charges, if any, levied by the Refund Bank(s) for the same would be borne by our Company. 3.RTGS - Applicants having a bank account at any of generic xanax pill the centres where such facility has been made available and whose refund amount is equal to or exceeds ' 0.20 million, have the option to receive refund through RTGS provided the Demographic Details downloaded generic xanax pill from the Depositories contain the nine digit MICR code of the Bidder's bank which can be mapped with the RBI data to obtain the corresponding Indian Financial System Code ("IFSC Code"). Charges, if any, levied by the applicant's bank receiving the credit would be borne by the applicant. 4.NEFT - Payment of refund shall be undertaken through NEFT wherever the applicants' bank branch has been assigned the IFSC Code, which can be linked to an MICR, if any, available to that particular bank branch. IFSC Code will be obtained from the website of RBI as on a date immediately prior to the date generic xanax pill of payment of refund, duly mapped with MICR numbers.

Wherever the applicants have registered their nine digit MICR number and their bank account number while opening and operating the demat account, the same will be duly mapped with the IFSC Code of that particular bank branch and the payment of refund will be made to the applicants through this method.

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