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Our API-supply arrangement performed significantly well, registering higher than expected business volumes. Our newly acquired front-end marketing Company, Karalex Pharma, LLC, in the US delivered heartening results. We expanded our contractual business with Hospira to supply API for their Add Vantage vials (patented technology) which will generate superior returns for your Company over the medium term. We settled five Para IV products, out of which four are FTF applications, which will allow us to market products in the US. These represent attractive opportunities over the coming years. Dividend Your Directors recommend a 30% dividend (Rs 3/- per equity share of Rs 10/- each) for the year ended 31st March 2011, subject to the approval of shareholders at the ensuing Annual General Meeting. Under the Income Tax Act, 1961, the receipt of dividend is tax-free in the hands of the shareholders.

Regulatory filings and approvals In the generic formulations domain, Orchid's cumulative ANDA filings for the US market stood at 42. This includes 8 Para IV FTF (First-To-File) filings. The break-up of the total ANDA filings is 13 in Cephalosporins segment and 29 in NPNC space.

Few more ANDAs which are in the later stages of development are expected to be filed in ensuing quarters. In the EU region the cumulative count of Marketing Authorisations (MA) filings stood at 17. The break-up of the total MA filings is 9 in the Cephalosporin segment and 8 in the NPNC segment.

A few more dossiers have been lined up for filing during 2011, based on the De-centralised Procedure (DCP) slots allotted by the respective Reference Member States (RMS) countries in the EU. This is likely to increase the cumulative filing count in the coming quarters. In the API domain, Orchid increased its cumulative filings of its US DMF count to 81. The break-up of the total filings is 27 in the Cephalosporin segment, 41 in NPNC g 163 oxycodone segment, 2 in the Betalactam segment and 11 in the Carbapenems segment. In the European market space the cumulative filings of COS (Certificate of Suitability) count stood at 21 which includes 14 in Cephalosporin segment, 6 in NPNC segment and 1 in the Betalactam segment. Awards During the year, your Company was conferred with the following awards. •Greentech Gold award 2011 in Pharmaceutical sector for outstanding achievement in safety management given by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India and Greentech Foundation for Orchid's Alathur facility.

•Good Green Governance (G3) award by the Ministry of Water Resources & Minority Affairs, Government of India. •Outstanding Achievement in Environment Management in the Chemical Sector was conferred by Greentech Foundation with a Silver Award 2010. •Siemens Ecovatives - IBN Live Award 2010 conferred in recognition of the Company's commitment to the environment. •Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Certificate of Merit on Energy Efficiency was received by the Company's Alathur API facility from the Ministry of Power, Government of India, New Delhi. • Excellent Energy Efficient Unit was conferred on the Company at the 9th Energy Efficiency Summit 2010 by the Confederation of Indian Industries.

• Southern Region excellence award from Confederation of Indian Industries for meritorious achievement in Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) for the year 2010. •Dr R J Rathi award for Environmental Pollution g 163 oxycodone Control for the year 2010 in Industries in Maharashtra for Orchid's Aurangabad g 163 oxycodone facility given by Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture and Dr Ramvilas Rathi Charity Trust, Pune. Intellectual property During the year, Orchid continued g 163 oxycodone to accelerate the IPR work on a number of products. The total number of patent applications filed by Orchid in various national and international patent offices so far is 820 buy hydrocodone without a prescription (including Process, Formulation, NCE, NDDS, Biotech and Generics).

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