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With regulatory approval in the US and the EU for Decapinol(tm) Rinse and EU approval for Decapinol(tm) toothpaste and gel, we have seen the first launch of this innovative technology in Europe. The US launch of Decapinol(tm) rinse into the prescription market is expected this financial year and it is anticipated that this flagship product will from now on increasingly contribute to Sinclair's revenues. Gelclair(tm) Gelclair(tm) is Sinclair's product for the relief of severe oral ulceration and inflammation from various causes but most significantly as a side effect of cancer therapies (mucositis). Helsinn SA remains the worldwide distributor for Gelclair(tm).

SST(tm) & Salinum(tm) SST(tm) & Salinum(tm) are Sinclair's products for the treatment of xerostomia, a dry mouth condition caused by a deficiency of saliva production. Sales of these two products increased from last year as both products were launched in the US by Align Pharmaceuticals during the year. Salinum(tm) was launched in Austria by our licensee, Novapharm and in the UK by Crawfords Pharmaceuticals. Both products were licensed to the Turkish company SSM and Anabiosis in Greece. licensing deals for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were concluded for SST(tm) with Normeda and Medac extended its existing licensing agreement for SST(tm) to include six other territories: Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and the Ukraine.

Product Pipeline Sinclair has made strong progress over ex fed tramadol the last few years in progressing its products to the ex fed tramadol market.

It has continued to source and develop novel technologies with ex fed tramadol clearly differentiated characteristics and strong intellectual property that can be brought to the market within a three year time frame. We have a twofold approach to product pipeline; acquisition of commercially interesting and IP- protected products from outside the company, and maximising our in-house IP, brands and technologies by developing some of our own products and line extensions. Sinclair avoids the early, high-risk and expensive stage of drug discovery and research. Many of our products gain marketing approval for both prescription and OTC routes. However, we tailor our launch route and therefore choice of marketing partner according to the product. For some products, for example Aloclair(r), an OTC launch is appropriate. For certain other products the product needs to be established in a prescription market before OTC sales are appropriate.

Sinclair recognises the importance of clinical data for the credibility and commercial success of our products and we have in-house expertise in carrying out clinical trials but often share costs with marketing partners. We have completed major studies this year on Atopiclair(tm) and Sebclair(tm); details of these studies are found in the relevant ex fed tramadol product sections. Onychomycosis Sinclair announced in March that the Group had licensed the rights from Dr Mark Bogart, a US inventor, to develop and commercialise a new topical product to treat fungal infections of the nails - usually the buy zolpidem from europe toenails. The patents claim a method of treating onychomycosis using compositions consisting of carboxylic acids and alcohols. The intellectual property includes a granted US patent and corresponding applications in Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

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