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For example, as a result of the Dolphin Scheme, there are certain legal proceedings that Dolphin was a party to that we have been impleaded in discount xanax online as the successor entity. Further, while the Composite Scheme of Arrangement has been approved by the High Court of Gujarat by its order dated April 2, 2013, the order of the court and the Composite Scheme of Arrangement has been challenged in appeal before the High Court of Gujarat.

For further details, see the section titled 'Outstanding Litigation and Material Developments' on page 276. While we have allotted Equity Shares to the shareholders of IBPL discount xanax online as per the terms of order phentermine diet pill the Composite Scheme of Arrangement, there are various actions under the Composite Scheme of Arrangement including transfer of assets and properties of the transferor companies to our Company which are yet to be completed. We cannot assure you that we will be able to implement the Composite Scheme of Arrangement in a timely manner or at all. All acquisitions and mergers involve known and unknown risks that could adversely affect our future revenues and operating results, such as different regulations or market dynamics, unknown contingent liabilities or risks associated with entering new markets. Further, the integration and employee retention issues may divert the attention of the in phentermine supplier uk discount xanax online management away from the primary focus on our products. Moreover, funding such acquisitions or mergers may involve the use of a substantial portion of our available cash or require us to incur a significant amount of debt, which may result in a decline in our net income and a consequential reduction in our earnings per Equity Share. 7.Any recall by us of our products could adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations, financial condition and drug effects hydrocodone more side reputation. A variety of reasons could require us to undertake voluntary or involuntary product recalls. We may be required to expend considerable resources in undertaking such recalls and the demand for our products could be adversely affected.

We have encountered two instances of product recalls in the last three fiscal years. We had entered into supply/distribution agreements with two discount xanax online business partners for the manufacture and supply of a certain product and to enable both partners to make regulatory filings and sell the product in certain agreed territories. We started supplying the product in the last quarter of fiscal 2010 and the first quarter of fiscal 2011.

Subsequently, the product was launched by both partners in the agreed territories and certain complaints in respect of split capsules, which resulted in the powder leaking, were received around May 2010 in respect of a few packs.

Although only certain discount xanax online complaints relating to the breaking affiliate hydrocodone pharmacy of hard gelatin capsule shells were received, our partners voluntarily recalled the product and we paid back the entire amount in respect of the product sold to our partners, which resulted in a reversal of sales of ' 582.0 million. But for this payment, our income and profit after tax for fiscal 2011 would have been ' 20,349.7 million and ' 2,415.7 million, respectively, instead of ' 19,767.7 million and ' 1,891.8 million as reported in our audited and restated consolidated financial statements.

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