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Vacc-4x + Revlimid(r) (lenalidomide) co uk buy tramadol online Vacc-4x in Combination with Celgene's Immune Modulator Revlimid(r) >This study aims to show a potential enhancing effect of lenalidomide on Vacc-4x's ability to stimulate and boost the immune system >Study tests the effect of lenalidomide and Vacc-4x in combination - If study is positive it opens up the possibility of "Boosting" the effect of Vacc-4x in HIV patients in the efforts towards achieving a Functional Cure for HIV >Current study is a late co uk buy tramadol online HIV presenters as an add-on to cART - study enrollment expected to complete in December 2013/January 2014 >Data breast phentermine viagra xanax expected in Q3 2014 * One of the primary endpoints: Changes in the number and quality of CD4 helper cells HDACi "Kick" and Vacc-4x "Kill" Combination Study REDUC STUDY >The Company will execute the Kick & Kill study together with University Hospital of Aarhus, Denmark led by Professor Lars 0stergaard >Study protocol submitted to Danish Regulators and Ethical Committee >Subject to study approval, we expect to initiate enrollment of patients in H1 2014 >Romidepsin has been selected as the preferred hydrocodone urine detection phentermines HDACi - Romidepsin is the most potent known activator of HIV reactivation in cell systems Vacc-C5 Therapeutic Vaccine Antibodies to C5 may Interfere with C5 Influence on Hyperimmune Activation >Hyperactivation of the immune system and chronic inflammation is observed in HIV patients >The C5 region of HIV shares homology with the human HLA system and C5 likely confuses the immune system >Antibodies against Vacc-C5 has the potential hydrocodone lawsuit to ameliorate hyperimmune activation >Enrollment completed in Q2 2013 - Last patient out Nov 2013 >Topline data expected in Q1 2014 An important aim of this vaccine is to reduce immune hyperactivation potentially triggered co uk buy tramadol online by the C5 region of HIV Future Strategy and Directions Path to Market Driven by Data & Discussion/Feedback From Regulators >Bionor at the forefront of the cure agenda -Regulatory requirements being discussed directly with regulators (EMA and FDA) >Dialogue with regulators driven by science, assessment of unmet needs and data >Steps to commercialization/Exit -Data (Proof of Concept) -Dialogue with the FDA and EMA -Agreement with regulators on precise requirements for approval & market authorization -Data, discussion/agreement with regulators will drive value creation, partnering and exit optionality Positioned for Execution - Outlook Milestones & Deliverables 2014 & 2015 >Vacc-4x (The "Kill") & HDACi romidepsin ("The Kick") combination study - Study protocol submitted to regulators - co uk buy tramadol online Subject to study approval, patient enrollment is estimated for H1 2014 with data expected by 2015 >Vacc-4x (The "Kill") & Lenalidomide (The "Boost") combination Proof of Concept Phase II - Final enrollment expected December 2013/January 2014 with top line data expected for Q3 2014 >Vacc-4x (The "Kill") reboost monotherapy Phase II Data expected late Q1 2014 >Vacc-C5 Phase I/II data expected Q1 2014 >Readouts of the ongoing clinical trials in 2014 are major milestones for Bionor Pharma and catalysts for further development of the Company Execution of Bionor'co uk buy tramadol online s HIV Strategy Towards a Potential Functional Cure for HIV >Bionor strongly believes that with its advanced therapeutic vaccine position in the HIV space can spearhead the development of a functional cure for HIV >In recent years therapeutic vaccines (i.e.

immunotherapy) in the cancer area has been very successful >Bionor strongly believes that the First Mover potential in the HIV space and the general platform in infectious diseases will drive value creation, partnering and exit optionality Therapeutic Vaccines for Treatment of Viral Diseases Growing Interest From Large Pharma May 29th 2013; GlaxoSmithKline has acquired upstart vaccine developer Okairos for $325 million. The deal delivers the Swiss biotech's genetic vaccine development platform, which uses viral vectors to spur a T-cell attack on a range of diseases such as hepatitis C, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

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