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The Company's lien shall prevail notwithstanding that it has received notice of any such claims. Forfeiture and surrender of shares 47 (a) If any member or debenture holder fails to pay the whole or any part of any call or instalment or any money due in respect of any share or debentures either by way of principal or interest on or before the day appointed for the payment of the same or any such extension thereof as aforesaid, the Directors may at any time thereafter, during such time as the call or any instalment or any part thereof or other moneys remain unpaid or a judgement or decree in respect thereof remains unsatisfied in whole or' in part, serve a notice on such member or debentureholder or on the person (if any) entitled to the share by transmission requiring him to pay such call or instalment or such part thereof or other moneys as remain unpaid together with any interest that may have accrued and all expenses that may have been incurred by the Company by reason of such non payment. (b) The notice shall name a day not being less than One Month from the date of the notice and a place or places, on and at which such call, or instalment or such part or other moneys as aforesaid and such interest and expenses as aforesaid are to be paid. The notice shall also state that in the event of non payment of call amount with interest at or before the time and at the place appointed, the shares or debentures in respect of which the call was made or instalment or such part or other moneys is or" are payable will be liable to be forfeited. 48 If the requirements of any such notice as aforesaid are not complied with any share/debenture in respect of which such notice has been given, may at any time thereafter before payment of all calls or instalments, interest and expenses or other moneys due in respect thereof, be forfeited by a resolution of the Directors to that effect. Neither the receipt by the Company of a portion of any money which shall from time to time be due from any member of the Company in respect of his shares, either by way of principal or interest, nor any indulgence granted by the company, in respect of the payment of any such money, shall preclude the company from thereafter canadian hydrocodone pharmacy proceeding to enforce a forfeiture of such shares as herein provided. Such forfeiture shall include all dividends declared or interest paid or any other moneys payable in respect of the forfeited shares or debentures and not actually paid before the forfeiture. 49 When any shares/debenture shall have been so forfeited, notice of the forfeiture shall be given to the member or debenture canadian hydrocodone pharmacy holder in whose name it stood immediately prior to the forfeiture and an entry of the forfeiture with the date thereof, shall forthwith be made in the Register of members or debenture holders but no forfeiture shall be invalidated by any omission or neglect or any failure to give such notice or make such entry as aforesaid. 50 Any share or debenture so forfeited shall be deemed to be the property of the Company, and may be sold, re-allotted or otherwise disposed off either to the original holder or to any other person upon such terms and in such manner as the Directors shall think fit. 51 The Directors may, at any time, before any share or debenture so forfeited shall have been sold, re-allotted or otherwise disposed off, annul forfeiture thereof upon such conditions as they think fit. 52 Any member or debenture holder whose shares or debentures have been forfeited shall, notwithstanding the forfeiture, be liable to pay and shall forthwith pay to the Company, all calls, instalments, interest expenses and other money owing upon or in respect of such shares or debentures at the time of the forfeiture togetherwith interest thereon from the time of the forfeiture until payment at such rate as the Directors may determine, and the Directors may enforce the payment of the whole or a portion thereof, if they think fit, but shall not be under any obligation to do so. 53 The forfeiture of a share or debenture shall involve extinction at the time of forfeiture, of all interest in and all claims and demands against the Company, in respect of the share or debenture and all other rights incidental to the share or debenture, except only such of those rights as by canadian hydrocodone pharmacy these Articles are expressly saved. 54 A Certificate in writing under the hand of one Director and counter signed by the Secretary or any other officer authorised by the Directors for the purpose, that the call in respect of a Share or debenture was made and notice there of given and that default in payment of the call was made and that the forfeiture of the share or debenture was made by the resolution of Directors to that effect shall be conclusive evidence of the facts stated therein as against all persons entitled to such share or debenture. 55 Upon any sale after forfeiture or for enforcing a lien in purported exercise of the powers hereinabove given, the Directors may, if necessary, appoint canadian hydrocodone pharmacy some person to execute an instrument of transfer of the shares or debentures sold and cause the purchaser's name to be entered in the Register of members or Register of debenture holders in respect of the shares or debentures sold, and the purchaser shall not be bound to see to the regularity of the proceedings, or to the application of the purchase money and after his name has been entered in the Register of members or debenture holders in respect of such shares or debenture the validity of the sale shall not be impeached by any person, and the remedy of any person aggrieved by the sale shall be for damages only and against the Company exclusively. 56 Upon any sale, re-allotment or other disposal under the provisions of the preceding Articles, the certificate/s originally issued in respect of the relative shares or debentures shall (unless the same shall on demand by the Company has' been previously surrendered to it by the defaulting member or debentureholder) stand cancelled and become null and void and be of no effect, and the directors shall be entitled to issue a duplicate certificate/s in respect of the said share or debentures to the person/s entitled thereto. 57 The Company may receive the consideration, if any, given for the share or debenture on any sale, re-allotment or other disposition thereof, and the person to whom such share or debenture is sold, re-allotted or disposed of may be registered as the holder of the share or debenture and shall not be bound to see to the application of the consideration, if any, nor shall his title to the share or debenture be affected by any irregularity or invalidity in the proceedings in reference to the forfeiture, sale, re-allotment or other disposal of the share or debenture. 58 The Directors may, subject to the provisions of the Act, accept a surrender of any share or debenture from or by any member or debenture holder desirous of surrendering them on such terms as they think fit. Transfer and Transmission of shares and Debentures 59 The Company shall keep a book to be called the "Register of Transfers" and therein shall be fairly and distinctively entered the particulars of every transfer or transmission of any share(s) held in material form. 60 The instrument of transfer shall be in writing and al provisions of Section 108 of the Companies Ad, 1956 and statutory modification thereof for the time being shall be duly complied with m respect of all transfer of shares and registration thereof. 61 Every such instrument of transfer shall be signed both by the transferor and transferee and the transferor shall be deemed to remain the holder of such share until the name of the transferee is entered in the Register of members in respect thereof. 62 (a) (b) Subject to the provisions of Section 111 of the Act and Section 22A of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act 1956, the Directors may, at their own absolute and uncontrolled discretion and by giving reason decline to register or acknowledge any transfer of shares whether fully paid or not and the right of refusal shall not be affected by the circumstance that the proposed transferee is already a member of the Company but in such cases, the Directors shall within one month from the date on which the instrument of transfer was lodged with the canadian hydrocodone pharmacy Company, send lo the transferee and transferor notice of the refusal to register such transfer provided that registration of transfer shall not be refused on the ground of the transferor being either alone or jointly with any other person or persons indebted to the company or any account whatsoever except when the company has a lien on the shares However, no transfer shall be refused on the ground of them not being held in marketable lots.

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