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10.If we cannot respond adequately to the increased competition we expect to face in the future, we will lose market share and our profits will decline. Our products face intense competition from products commercialized or under development by competitors in all our therapeutic categories.

We compete with local companies, multinational corporations and companies from other emerging markets. Our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition could be adversely affected if our competitors gain significant market share at our expense, particularly in areas in which we are focused such as neurology, psychiatry, diabetology and cardiology. Many of our competitors have greater financial, manufacturing, R&D, marketing and other resources, more experience in obtaining regulatory approvals, greater geographic reach, broader product ranges and stronger sales forces. Our competitors may succeed in developing products that are more effective, more popular or cheaper than any we may develop, which may render our products obsolete or uncompetitive and harm our business and financial results. Our business faces competition from manufacturers of patented brand products who do not face any significant regulatory approvals or barriers to entry into the generics market. These manufacturers sell generic versions of their products to the market directly or by acquiring or forming strategic buy hydrocodone cod alliances with our competitor generic pharmaceutical companies or by granting them rights to sell "authorized generics." Moreover, manufacturers of patented brand products continually seek new ways to delay the introduction of generic products and decrease the buy hydrocodone cod impact of generic competition, such as filing new patents on drugs whose original patent protection is about buy xanax for to expire, developing patented controlled-release products, help md order phentermine online changing product claims and product labeling, buy hydrocodone cod or developing and marketing as over-the-counter products those patented brand products which are about to face generic competition. Our success and profitability depends on us being the first to market the generic version of a drug and benefitting from our first mover advantage. Any failure on our part to gain such an advantage could adversely affect our profitability and results of operations.

We also operate in a rapidly consolidating industry.

Our competitors are consolidating, and the strength of the combined companies could affect our competitive position in all of our business areas. Furthermore, if one of our competitors or their customers acquires any of our customers or suppliers, we may lose business from the customer or lose a supplier of a critical raw material, which may adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition. effects side tramadol Any manufacturing or quality control problems may damage our reputation for high quality production and expose us to potential litigation or other liabilities, which would negatively impact our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition.

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