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According to the records of the Company, there are no disputed amounts that have not been deposited with appropriate authorities on account of Income Tax, Sales-Tax, Wealth Tax, Service-Tax, Custom duty, Excise duty and Cess except the following: 12.The Company has no accumulated losses at the end of the financial year and bt hydrocodone ibuprofen it has not incurred any cash losses in the current and in the immediately preceding financial year. 13.Based on our audit procedures and on the information and explanations given by the management, we are of the opinion that the Company has not defaulted in payment of dues to financial institutions and banks. The Company does not have any borrowings by way of debentures. 14.The Company has not granted any loans and advances on the basis of security by way of pledge of shares, debentures and other securities.

15.In our opinion and according to the information and explanations given to us, the nature of activities of the Company does not attract any special statute applicable to chit fund and nidhi / mutual benefit fund/societies. 16.Based on our examination of records and the information and explanations given to us, the Company has not dealt / traded in any shares, securities, debentures and other investments during the year. 17.According to the information and explanations given to us, the Company has bt hydrocodone ibuprofen not given any guarantee for loans taken by others from banks or financial institutions. 18.The term loans obtained by the Company were applied only for the purposes for which the loans were obtained.

19.According to the Cash Flow Statement and other records examined by us and the information and explanations given to us on an over all basis, the funds raised on short-term basis, prima facie, have not been used during the year for long-term purposes.

20.The Company has not made any preferential allotment of shares to parties or companies covered in the register maintained under section 301 of the Companies Act, 1956, during the year. 21.The Company did not have any outstanding debentures / bonds during the year for which creation of securities is required.

22.The Company has not raised any money through public issue during the year. The end use of the money raised through Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds in the earlier years has been disclosed and verified. 23.Based on the audit procedures performed and bt hydrocodone ibuprofen information and explanations given by the management, we report that no fraud on or by the Company has been noticed or reported during the course of our bt hydrocodone ibuprofen audit. For SNB Associates Chartered Accountants Firm Registration No. Mahalingam Place: Chennai Partner May 18, 2011 Membership No.210408 ••• Balance Sheet as at March 31, 2011 Schedule 31.03.2011 31.03.2010 I SOURCES OF FUNDS A Shareholders' Funds Share Capital A 7,044.21 7,044.21 Reserves and Surplus B 106,358.25 90,919.28 B Loan Funds Secured Loans C 132,159.63 102,175.92 Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds ( Refer Note 6 of schedule Q) 52,358.48 60,774.46 C Deferred Tax Liability (Refer Note 19 of Schedule Q) 19,455.56 20,380.94 D Foreign currency Monetary item Translation difference Account 1,761.47 Total 317,376.13 283,056.28 II APPLICATION OF FUNDS E Fixed Assets 1 Gross Block 245,290.41 218,428.73 Less: Depreciation 84,636.83 72,087.32 Net block 160,653.58 146,341.41 Capital Work in Progress 31,982.94 25,143.13 Advance for capital items 27,981.21 21,700.53 220,617.73 193,185.07 F Investments 1 13,041.83 12,356.52 G Current Assets, Loans and Advances Inventories 1 58,026.33 40,252.73 Sundry Debtors i 48,110.61 71,623.25 Cash and Bank Balances 1 20,996.39 32,490.90 Loans and advances I 44,071.96 28,892.79 171,205.29 173,259.67 H Less: Current Liabilities & Provisions a) Current Liabilities J 54,582.36 59,761.57 b) Provisions I 32,906.36 35,983.41 83,716.57 77,514.69 Total 317,376.13 283,056.28 Notes on accounts On behalf of the Board As per our report of even date For SNB Associates Chartered Accountants Firm Registration No. Raghavendra Rao Chairman & Managing Director Bhoomijha Murali GM-Legal & Company Secretary Annual Report 2010-11 (Rs lakhs) Schedule 31.03.2011 31.03.2010 I INCOME Sales & Operating Income L 168,080.48 125,854.18 Less : Excise Duty 1,745.99 166,334.49 870.72 124,983.46 Extraordinary income -Profit on sale of undertaking - 101,530.29 (Refer Note No: 18 of Schedule Q) Other Income M 760.11 980.00 167,094.60 227,493.75 II EXPENDITURE Material Cost N 78,795.83 77,526.20 Manufacturing, Selling & Other Expenses O 46,496.35 64,728.47 Interest and Finance charges P 11,576.50 24,123.31 Depreciation / Amortisation 12,845.43 15,110.38 149,714.11 181,488.36 III PROFIT /(LOSS) ProfitZ(Loss) for the year before tax 17,380.49 46,005.39 Less : Provision for tax Current Taxes 2,357.51 5,439.69 Deferred Taxes (Refer Note 19 of schedule Q) (925.38) 1,432.13 7,431.74 12,871.43 ProfitZ(Loss) for the year after tax 15,948.36 33,bt hydrocodone ibuprofen 133.96 Balance brought forward 5,859.15 2,832.22 Balance Available for Appropriation 21,807.51 35,966.18 IV APPROPRIATIONS Excess provision of dividend & tax thereon of earlier year written back (2,174.29) (247.35) Proposed Dividend 2,557.52 8,879.59 Tax on proposed dividend 414.89 2,972.41 1,474.79 10,354.38 Transfer to General Reserve 15,000.00 20,000.00 Balance carried to Balance Sheet 6,009.39 5,859.15 V EARNINGS PER SHARE (Face value of Rs 10/-each) before extraordinary item Basic (Rs.) 22.64 (78.82) Diluted (Rs.) 18.71 (78.82) EARNINGS PER SHARE(Face value of Rs 10/-each) after extraordinary item Basic (Rs.) 22.64 47.04 Diluted (Rs.) 18.71 37.31 Notes on Accounts Q On behalf of the Board As per our report of even date For SNB Associates Chartered Accountants Firm Registration No.

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