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Strength Route of Administration Treatment Regimen and Duration >Stoc^tooatertndJc8tk>ns^s^ U2CC2/COI3 aCXXr.929 jar* f&sorm) 28 Centers 12 Countries (HeJgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ftnhtnd, Franco, Hungary, phentermine levitra together Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia. Double-Blind, Double-Dummy, ^trve" Controlled Study in Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder 234 / 232/192 Alp XR, FKicxetrve Sex: 72%, 66% female Age: 41,37 yr Race: 79%, 82% white Male and female outpatients, between 18 and 6S years old, with mixed anxiety depressive disorder /Up XR tablets 2 mg'day po for 5 wk (92595) then Alp XR tablets 1 mg'day po tor 1 wk (92596) or Rucoetine capsules 20 mg/day po lor 6 wk (92599) APPEARS tramadol valium THIS WAY ON ORIGINAL /s acetaminophen tramadol / Robert Levin 10/15/02 04:33:42 PM MEDICAL OFFICER Thomas Laughren 10/16/02 12:29:11 PM MEDICAL OFFICER I agree that this NDA is buy consultation doctor hydrocodone no online approvable; see memo to file for more detailed comments-TPL APPEARS THIS WAY ON ORIGINAL ALLIANCE Breathing life into medicines ALLIANCE PHARMA pic Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2012 LU Z D 2 =! oc z LU -ILU I- z LU 111 I- _| -7 |_ ?5g=2>iuZOziuii:zt(flo^u5 !i!?JCOzPENTRAX °r^3§o^l IPT PI iicstfl 2012 Annual Report hydrocodone ibu EXPIRES: 31.12.13 SiwLocLORn^i1-^^! j S SVITAMINm^Ef^rRScfSl ONDEMETogFORCEVAlf z DICOBALT EDETATE^ Llrl rLUbbtALb - " DI7I IHCDMTESTOSTERONE NEOSTIGMINE |T| KI£UUfcK|VlENA(tm)TE Contents Business Summary* Highlights 01 Our Products 02 Our Business Model 04 Acquisition Timeline 06 Questions and Answers 08 Report of the Directors Business Review 10 Financial Review 14 Board of Directors 16 Corporate Governance 18 Directors' Remuneration 20 Other matters 22 Financial Statements Independent Auditor's Report to the Members of Alliance Pharma plc 25 Consolidated Income Statement 26 Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 27 Consolidated Balance Sheet 28 Company Balance Sheet 29 Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 30 Company Statement of Changes in Equity 31 Consolidated and Company Cash Flow Statements 32 Notes to the Financial Statements 33 Supplementary Information* Shareholder Information 67 Five Year Summary 68 Advisors 69 *Unaudited information. Alliance Pharma plc is an AIM listed speciality pharmaceutical company Alliance has a strong track record of acquiring the rights to established niche products and owns or licences the rights to more than 60 pharmaceutical products and continues to explore opportunities to expand the range.

The group commenced trading in 1998 and has since grown to an annual turnover of £45m.

Alliance has its headquarters in the UK at phentermine levitra together Chippenham, Wiltshire. Highlights Key Numbers 01 Business Summary 2012 Key Facts 2008 2009 20092011 2012 Sales £44.9 m Two acquisitions with combined annual profit of £3.2m Underlying sales growth of 13%** Hydromol sales growth of 29% to £4.7m Operating profit 27% of sales Further £10m of financing agreed to fund acquisitions 2008 2009 20092011 2012 12.9 Profit before tax £10.8m 12.2 Free cash flow £11.0m 2008 2009 20092011 2012 8.4 to 0.825p per share (2011 11.0 0.75p per share) 0 Free cash flow of £11.0m up 31% 0.07 0.23 0.17 0.40 0.25 0.275 0.50 Full year dividend up 10% 0.55 Dividend 0.825p 2008 2009 20092011 2012 Interim Final 2008 phentermine levitra together 2009 20092011 2012 1.3 1.3 Debt to EBITDA* 1.3 Dd' OF FINANCING REED FUND ACQUISITIONS TO TO U-V+J 02 Our Products Other products 31.9% PROFORMA* Symmetrel 2.3% Naseptin 2.5% Vitamin E 2.8% Deltacortril 3.7% Hydromol 9.5% Buccastem 4.4% Anti malarials 4.5% Opus stoma Products 8.2% Nu-Seals 8.0% Forceval phentermine levitra together 10.0% Other Secondary Care 5.3% Other Dermatology 6.9% Promoted Portfolio Alliance promotes products in two areas phentermine levitra together of specialisation, addiction from hydrocodone withdrawal Dermatology and Secondary Care.

Selective promotional investment of products enables effective use of marketing resources. Dermatology Products in the portfolio The Hydromol range grew by 29% to £4.7m (2011: £3.6m) supported by a small field force. The remainder of the portfolio grew by 2%, on a like-for like basis.

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