Overdose of hydrocodone

Overdose of hydrocodone

64.We have not yet entered into definitive agreements to utilize the Net Proceeds of the Issue.

The projects for capital expenditure intended to be financed from the Net Proceeds are currently in initial stages of implementation and development.

We have not entered into any definitive contracts or placed any orders for such expenditure. Whilst the quotations obtained by us for certain equipment, installations or civil works in connection with such projects are described in the section titled "Objects of the Issue" on page 83, such costs are subject to change in light of various factors beyond our control, including delays or increases in quoted price overdose of hydrocodone by identified vendors or change in registration fee of any jurisdiction.

Our inability to complete the identified buy xanax overnight ups fedex delivery projects in accordance with our stated schedules of implementation may lead to cost overruns and impact our future profitability.

Further, pending utilization for the identified projects, the overdose of hydrocodone Net Proceeds are proposed to be invested in government overdose of hydrocodone securities and short-term bank deposits or utilized to meet overdose of hydrocodone the short term working capital requirements of our Company. This deployment may not result in adequate returns for us. 65.The requirements of overdose of hydrocodone being a listed company may strain our resources. We are not a listed company and have not been subjected to the increased scrutiny of our affairs by shareholders, regulators and the public at large that is associated with being a listed company. As a listed company, we will incur significant legal, accounting, corporate governance and other expenses that we did not incur as an unlisted company. We will be subject to the Listing Agreements, which require us to file audited annual and unaudited quarterly reports with respect to our business and financial condition. If we experience adco zolpidem hemitartrate any delays, we may inition co uk cheap tramadol fail to satisfy our reporting obligations and we may not be able hydrocodone tylenol without to readily determine and accordingly report any changes in our results of operations in a timely manner as compared to other listed companies. Furthermore, as a listed company we will need to maintain and improve the effectiveness of our disclosure controls and procedures and internal control over financial reporting, including keeping adequate records of daily transactions to support the existence of effective disclosure controls and procedures and internal control over financial reporting.

In order to maintain and improve the 5mg zolpidem effectiveness of our disclosure controls and procedures and internal control over financial reporting, significant resources and management oversight will be required. As a result, management's attention may be diverted from other business concerns, which could adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition and the price of the Equity Shares.

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