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As a result, we may become involved in patent litigation, the outcome of which could materially adversely affect our business. Based upon a complex analysis of a variety of legal and commercial factors, we may elect to market a generic product even next day delivery xanax though litigation is still pending. This could be before any court decision is rendered or while an appeal from a lower court decision is pending. To the extent we elect to proceed in this manner, if the final court decision is adverse to us, we could be required to cease the sale of the infringing products and face substantial liability for patent infringement. These damages may be significant as they may be measured differently in various jurisdictions, such as in relation to royalty on our sales or by next day delivery xanax the profits lost by the patent owner. For example, we are currently defendants in several patent infringement suits, inter alia, brought by Hoffman La Roche next day delivery xanax Inc., Pfizer Inc.

and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., details of which are set forth in the section titled "Outstanding Litigation and Material Developments" on page next day delivery xanax 276. Moreover, there is a risk that our processes or products may inadvertently infringe patents held by another entity, which may expose us to potential litigation by such an entity.

Because of the differential pricing typically involved with generic pharmaceutical products, patented brand products generally realize a significantly higher profit margin than generic pharmaceutical products. In the case of a willful infringer, the definition of which is unclear, these damages can be substantial. For business reasons, we continue to examine such product opportunities (i.e., involving non-expired patents) going forward and this could result in patent litigation, the outcomes of which may adversely affect our business, prospects, results of operations and financial condition. 6.If we acquire or merge other companies with ourselves, our business may be harmed by difficulties in integration and employee retention, unidentified liabilities of the acquired companies, or obligations incurred in connection with acquisition financings.

We have made acquisitions and intend to continue to actively seek and evaluate potential acquisitions, mergers, collaborations and other business combinations that may complement or enhance our business, either through expanding our market share in attractive geographies hydrocodone without prescription from overseas pharmacies avandia synthroid synthroid actos phentermine pravachol or acquiring niche specialty products to complete our product basket.

We merged two sick companies namely, Dolphin Laboratories Limited ("Dolphin") and Zora Pharma Limited ("Zora") with ourselves pursuant to the Dolphin Scheme and the Zora Scheme. Further, four of our Subsidiaries namely, Intas Biopharmaceuticals Limited, Celestial Biologicals Limited, Intas Pharma Limited and Astron Research Limited, were recently merged into our Company, pursuant to the Composite Scheme of Arrangement (together with the Zora Scheme and the Dolphin Scheme, the "Merger Schemes"). Although the Merger Schemes have been sanctioned by the appropriate fora, certain actions in relation to these Merger Schemes could still be subject to challenge and thereby disrupt our business.

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