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Is hydrocodone the same as percacet

Bids by ASBA Bidders to the SCSBs through physical ASBA will only be submitted at the Designated Branches.

For further details please see "Issue Procedure - Submission of Bid cum Application Form" on page 440 of this DRHP. ASBA Bidders should ensure that the specified bank accounts have adequate credit balance at the time of submission of the is hydrocodone the same as percacet Bid cum Application Form to the Syndicate/Sub Syndicate, the Non Syndicate Registered Brokers, or SCSB to ensure that their Bid is not rejected; and 7. Bids by QIBs (excluding Anchor Investors), shall be submitted to the BRLMs and their affiliate. Bids by QIBs (excluding Anchor Investors) through physical ASBA other than to the BRLMs and their affiliates, shall be submitted directly to the Designated Branches of the SCSBs. Illustration of Book Building Process and the Price Discovery Process (Investors should note that the following is solely for the purpose of illustration and inition co is hydrocodone the same as percacet uk buy tramadol is not specific to this Issue) Bidders can Bid at any price within the Price Band.

For instance, assuming a price band of ' 20 to ' 24 per share, an issue size of 3,000 equity shares and receipt of five bids from bidders, details of which are shown in the table below. A graphical representation of the consolidated demand and price would be made available at the Bidding Centres during the bidding period. The illustrative book as shown below indicates the demand for the shares of the issuer company at various prices and is collated from bids from various investors. Bid Quantity Bid Price (T) Cumulative Quantity Subscription 500 24 500 16.67% 1,000 23 1,500 50.00% 1,500 22 3,000 100.00% 2,000 21 5,000 166.67% 2,500 20 7,500 250.00% The price discovery is a function of demand at various prices. The highest price at which the issuer is able to issue the desired number of shares is the price at which the book cuts off, i.e., ' 22 in the above is hydrocodone the same as percacet example. The issuer, in consultation with book running lead managers, will finalise the issue price at or below such cut-off, i.e., at or below ' 22.

All bids at or above the issue price and cut-off price are valid bids and are considered for allocation in the respective categories. Underwriting Agreement After the determination of the Issue Price, but prior to find oxycontin boise filing of the Prospectus with the RoC, our Company and the Selling Shareholder intend to enter into the Underwriting Agreement with the Underwriters and the Registrar to the Issue for the Equity Shares proposed to be offered through this Issue. It is proposed that pursuant to the terms of the Underwriting Agreement, the Underwriters shall be responsible for bringing in the amount devolved in the event the respective Syndicate Members do not fulfil their underwriting obligations.

The underwriting shall be to the extent of the Bids uploaded, subject to Regulation 13 of the SEBI Regulations.

Pursuant to the terms of the Underwriting Agreement, is hydrocodone the same as percacet the obligations of the Underwriters are several and are subject to certain conditions specified therein.

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