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Multiple choice questions have been accepted as such an objective measure in most areas, including those related to professional practice. Pharmacy practice has, until very recently, been examined through the traditional essay type of question. This has led, at times, to the zolpidem online no script us pharmacy feeling that the overall assessment of this discipline could hydrocodone vicodin lortab be a subjective one. The MCsystem tries to eliminate the subjective element in an examination and is now well established as a fair mode of assessment. The availability of a pharmacy practice text based on the MCsystem now provides pharmacy students with the opportunity of assessing themselves in the discipline and finding out whether they have mastered it. Dr Azzopardi and her collaborators are to be congratulated in having managed to produce this text.

Dr no overnight prescription xanax Azzopardi's book has both breadth and depth and should test a student's knowledge rigorously. It should be a welcome addition to the standard texts students use during the years spent in training to hydrocodone vicodin lortab become pharmacists. Roger Ellul-Micallef Rector, Professor and Head of Department Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Malta, Malta December 2002 The statement by John Biggs (Teaching for Quality Learning at University.

Milton Keynes: Open University Press, 1999) that 'assessment drives student learning' is still as true today as it was in 1999 and can be cod prescription shipped tramadol without applied equally to undergraduate learning and continuing professional development (CPD). In both areas, access to assessment tasks that allow for self-assessment of knowledge across a broad range of domains is important. MCQs in Pharmacy hydrocodone vicodin lortab Practice 2nd edn contains a broad range of multiple-choice questions hydrocodone vicodin lortab that provide feedback on what is known and where knowledge is florida oxycontin lawyer lacking. This information is useful to many potential users - the pharmacy undergraduate, the preregistrant, the university professor and the practising pharmacist. At all levels, understanding the limitations in our knowledge and abilities is a critical step in the learning process. Learning that is based on individual knowledge gaps is more likely to be effective and the learner is more motivated. The ability to identify one's own learning needs is often a challenging and time-consuming process, even though the results can be rewarding. MCQs in Pharmacy Practice 2nd edn is a simple-to- use, useful, unintimidating text that enables users to determine the extent of their knowledge, to identify knowledge gaps hydrocodone vicodin lortab and to test their ability to analyse information and to make decisions. This text is primarily aimed at preparing students to sit for multiple choice question (MCQ) examinations in pharmacy and would therefore be a valuable study tool for students preparing for registration and would also assist in preparation for other types of examination, such as oral examinations. It provides students and pharmacists with an excellent resource to test their knowledge and to highlight areas where they require further work. In the undergraduate setting there are many opportunities throughout the curriculum for students and professors to utilise MCQs to assess knowledge in particular areas.

MCQs in Pharmacy Practice 2nd edn would therefore make a useful prescribed text to guide self-directed study for undergraduate pharmacy students.

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