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The Side Letter explaining that MFE for regulatory purposes is permitted does not mention other forms of MFE during the extension period.

Though some differ, many argue that this means that, MFE more generally is unlikely to be consistent with AUSFTA. Similarly, a general exception for stockpiling is unlikely to be consistent with AUSFTA as it contains the same limits on exceptions as TRIPS which are likely to be interpreted in the same way. A limited exception for the stockpiling of products made for the purpose of obtaining marketing approval may be consistent with AUSFTA; however its value to generic manufacturers would also be limited. Given the of tramadol hydrochloride in current difficulties under AUSFTA and the clear benefits of both MFE and stockpiling and the limited costs in the case of stockpiling and the negligible costs in the case of MFE, the Panel considers that Australia should vigorously pursue the cause of both exceptions in bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral international forums, as recommended in Chapter 3. Other jurisdictions The Panel is not aware of any jurisdiction that allows MFE during the standard 20 year patent term.81 The situation in Israel is discussed below. The US does not allow MFE for normal commercial purposes and explicitly prohibits the export of the components of a patented invention in such a way as to encourage their assembly outside of the US.82 The Panel is not aware of any jurisdiction that is a WTO member and allows general stockpiling, as hydrocodone poppycock opposed to limited stockpiling in order to seek regulatory approval.

Israel and hydrocodone poppycock extensions of patent term Israel has strong pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with domestic revenues of $US1.9 billion and exports of around $US6 billion in 2012.83 The industry comprises over 1,000 life sciences companies (biopharma and medical devices). Over 150 of these are biotechs, with this increasing by 17% per annum, and 80 are pharmaceutical companies. In total, around 80 new companies are formed every year.84 The number of clinical trials is currently at hydrocodone poppycock around 2,500 per annum.85 Israel's originator sector is growing, with multinationals increasingly looking to acquire innovative local start-ups. Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd is one of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with over $20 billion in annual sales. It produces active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), new formulations and over- the-counter products in 75 production facilities around the world.86 Teva is also the world's largest generics provider, with 4.2 million prescriptions for its generics filled daily in Europe and the US. Israeli patent law allows exportation for the purpose of obtaining marketing approval, and in the past some have claimed that this exception has been used by generic manufacturers for general manufacturing for export.87 Israel's extension of term system seems to allow generic manufacturers to export as soon as a corresponding foreign patent expires. Essentially, the extension period for an Israeli patent expires no later than the first expiry date of an extension for the equivalent patent in any one of 21 reference countries.88 Israel's system is consistent with international agreements. Notably, the Israel Free Trade Agreement with the US does not contain any requirements similar to Article 17.9.8(b) of the AUSFTA about adjustments to the patent term to compensate patentees. The hydrocodone poppycock Israel FTA entered into force in 1985 and has only a very brief provision on intellectual property.89 Nonetheless, Israel's extension of term system has drawn criticism from the US for a number of years.

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