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Further, in case any DP ID, Client ID or PAN mentioned in the Bid cum Application Form and as entered into the electronic Bidding system of the Stock Exchanges by the Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate, the SCSBs or the Non Syndicate Registered Brokers, as the case may be, does not match with one available in the depository's database, such ASBA Bid shall be rejected by the Registrar to the Issue. Subsequent to the acceptance of a Bid by way of ASBA by the SCSB, our Company would have a right to reject such effects side tramadol ultram Bids by way of ASBA only on technical grounds. Grounds for Technical Rejections Bidders are advised that incomplete Bid cum Application Forms and Bid cum Application Forms that are not legible will be rejected by the Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate or hydrocodone painkiller the SCSBs or Non Syndicate Registered Broker.

Bidders are advised to note that Bids are liable to be rejected on technical grounds including: •Bid submitted without payment of the entire Bid Amount or if the amount paid does not tally with the Bid Amount; •Bids submitted by Retail Individual Bidders through the non-ASBA process, wherein the Bid Amount exceeds ' 200,0 upon revision of Bids; •Bids submitted by Retail Individual Bidders which does not contain details of the Bid Amount and the Bid Amount in the Bid cum Application Form; • Application submitted on a plain paper; • Submission of more than five Bid cum Application Forms per ASBA Account; • Bids by HUFs not mentioned correctly as given in 'Who can Bid'; • hydrocodone painkiller In case of partnership firms, Equity Shares may be registered hydrocodone painkiller in the names of the individual partners and no firm as such shall be entitled to apply. However a limited liability partnership firm can apply in its own name; •In case of Bids under power of attorney or by limited companies, corporate, trusts counterfeit oxycontin 20mg etc., where relevant documents are not submitted; •Bid cum Application Form submitted to the BRLMs does not bear the stamp of the BRLMs or the Registered Brokers; •ASBA Bids submitted directly to the SCSBs does not bear the stamp of the SCSB and/or the Designated Branch and/or the BRLMs, as the case may be; • ASBA Bids submitted to a BRLM at locations other than the Syndicate Bidding Centres and Bid cum Application Forms, under the ASBA process, submitted to the Escrow Collecting Banks (assuming that such bank is not a hydrocodone painkiller SCSB), to our Company, the Selling Shareholder or the Registrar to the Issue; • Bid by persons not competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. However, our Company and the Selling Shareholder shall have the right to accept Bids belonging to an account for the benefit of a minor (under guardianship), solely based on information provided by the depositories.

•PAN not mentioned in the Bid cum Application Form, except for bids by or on behalf of the Central or State Government and the officials appointed by the courts and by investors residing in the State of Sikkim provided such claims have been verified by the Depository Participants; • DP ID and Client ID not mentioned in the Bid cum Application Form; • ASBA Bids by SCSB on own account, through blocking of funds with the same SCSB; • Signature of First/sole Bidder missing; • With respect to ASBA Bids, the Bid cum Application Form not being signed by the account holders, if the account holder is different from the Bidder; •Bids by persons for whom PAN details have not been verified and whose beneficiary accounts are 'suspended for credit' in terms of SEBI circular (reference number: CIR/MRD/DP/ 22 /2010) dated July 29, 2010; • GIR number furnished instead of PAN; • Bids by OCBs or QFIs; • Bids hydrocodone painkiller for lower number of Equity Shares than specified for that category of investors; • Bids at a price less than the Floor Price; • Bids at a price more than the Cap Price; • Bids at Cut-off Price by Non-Institutional Bidders and QIBs; • Bids with Bid Amount for a value of more than ' 200,000 by Bidders falling under the category of Retail Individual Bidders; • Bids by QIBs (other than Anchor Investors) and Non-Institutional Bidders not submitted through ASBA; • Bids by flexeril and hydrocodone persons who are not eligible to acquire Equity Shares in terms of all applicable laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and approvals; • Multiple bids as referred to in this Draft Red Herring Prospectus; • Bids accompanied by stockinvest/money order/postal order/cash; • Bid cum Application Forms not delivered by the Bidders within the time prescribed as xanax ambien together dangerous per the Bid cum Application Forms, and this Draft Red Herring Prospectus and as per the instructions in this Draft Red Herring Prospectus and the Bid cum Application Forms; •In case no corresponding record is available with the Depositories that matches three parameters namely, DP ID, Client ID and PAN; •Bids for amounts greater than the maximum permissible amounts prescribed by the regulations and applicable law; •Bids where clear funds are not available in Escrow Accounts as per final certificates from Escrow Collection Banks; • With respect to ASBA Bids, inadequate funds in the ASBA Account to block the Bid Amount specified in the Bid cum Application Form at the time of blocking such Bid Amount in the ASBA Account or no confirmation is received from the SCSB for blocking of funds; •Bids by persons prohibited from buying, selling or dealing in shares, directly or indirectly, by SEBI or any other regulatory authority; • Bids by any person outside India if not in compliance with applicable foreign and Indian Laws; • Bids by persons in the United States excluding "qualified institutional buyers" as defined in Rule 144A of the U.S.

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