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Hydrocodone online prescription consult

According to IMS, three of our brands, Levera, Lipicure and Zoryl-M, were among the top selling 300 pharmaceutical brands in India in the 12 month period ended December 2012 (Source: IMS SSA, December 2012 MAT.). Internationally, our products are marketed in over 60 countries, including in major regulated markets such as the United States and Europe through our own marketing and distribution network as well as by entering into alliances with leading global pharmaceutical companies that have significant experience in these markets.

We have an established presence in Europe, with marketing infrastructure in the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. As of December 31, 2012 we held over 3,300 marketing authorizations across various international markets. We believe that our product selection strategy has facilitated rapid growth in this market and we crossed U.S.$80 million in sales in the nine month period ended 31 December, 2012. We believe that our products are sold through leading distributors and retail pharmacy chains across the United States. We have also diversified into markets which we believe are key growth markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

We have also entered into over 300 out-licensing arrangements and long term supply agreements with several global pharmaceutical companies, including Teva, Sandoz, Apotex, Gedeon Richter and Hikma. Significant focus on research and development efforts. Our R&D efforts are integral to our business and we devote significant resources towards this function. We believe in hydrocodone online prescription consult the importance of developing our R&D facilities to maintain our competitiveness. We also recognize the importance of maintaining a workforce of highly qualified R&D employees. We have a team of over 600 research professionals involved in R&D activities at our various facilities. Our research team focuses primarily on the following areas: •API development; •pharmaceutical hydrocodone online prescription consult formulation development including novel formulations and NDDS; and •biosimilars development.

We believe that focused R&D is a prerequisite for long-term growth and hence we have steadily increased our R&D expenditure.

We spent ' 1,358.5 million (4.9% of revenue from operations) towards R&D in fiscal 2012 compared to ' 1,183.8 million (6.0% of revenue from operations), ' 1,007.3 million (6.2% of revenue from operations) and ' 588.8 million (5.2% of revenue from operations) in the fiscal years 2011, 2010 and 2009, respectively. Our expenditure on R&D for the nine month period ended December 31, 2012 was ' 1,126.6 million (4.1% of revenue from operations). Our Promoters have played a key role in developing our business and we benefit from their significant experience in the pharmaceuticals business. We also have heap tramadol a qualified senior management team with experience in the domestic and international pharmaceutical industries, including in the areas of R&D, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, quality control, sales, marketing and finance. We believe that the identifying loritab and hydrocodone healthcare domain knowledge and experience of our Promoters and our management team provides us with a significant competitive advantage as we hydrocodone online prescription consult seek to grow in our existing markets and enter new geographies. STRATEGIES We intend to strengthen our position across identified therapy areas in India and further expand our operations internationally in regulated and semi-regulated markets in order to achieve long-term sustainable growth and increase shareholder value. Our principal hydrocodone online prescription consult strategies and initiatives to achieve these objectives are set out below. We have increased our market share from 0.1% in 1991 (Source: IMS Health Information and Consulting Services India Private Limited.) to 2.52% in December 2012 and are currently ranked as the 12th largest pharmaceutical company in India in terms of market share, based on domestic sales of formulations.

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