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Hydrocodone ffor psychiatric use

Biosimilars and the PBS Currently the pricing hydrocodone ffor psychiatric use of biosimilars to be listed on the PBS is determined by the same process as for all prescription medicines. If a biosimilar enters the market, the reference product and the biosimilar will be placed in the F2 formulary and be subject to ongoing price disclosure. An example of this can be seen with Hospira's Nivestim product. DoHA continues to work with its agencies, the TGA and the PBAC, and the pharmaceutical industry to develop an agreed policy position for the pricing and reimbursement of biosimilars.368 The savings to consumers and the PBS when a biosimilar enters the market are likely to be less than those generated from a standard generic drug. This is primarily due to the much higher development, manufacturing, and ongoing market surveillance costs that biosimilars will incur, requiring the generic manufacturer to charge more per item than for small molecule drugs.

In addition, the difficulties in obtaining regulatory approval may mean that a biosimilar will not enter the market until some time after patent expiry of the reference product. A price reduction of the reference product will not occur until hydrocodone ffor psychiatric use the biosimilar is listed on the PBS. Data Protection As discussed previously in this chapter, Australia currently provides a period of five years data protection for new drugs. In the EU data protection is eight years, with two years marketing exclusivity, and an additional one year available for a new indication. The US has a data protection period of five years for new APIs and four years for biologics.369 A further period of eight years marketing exclusivity applies to biologics,370 which means that an application for a biosimilar cannot be made effective by the FDA for at least twelve years from the date of marketing approval of the reference product.hydrocodone ffor psychiatric use 371 The additional data period for biologics was provided as an incentive for innovators and to compensate cooking oxycodone for the additional time taken to enter the market and the subsequent reduction in effective patent life.372 In considering the period of data protection that should apply, the US Congress determined that a twelve year period for biologics appropriately balanced the order phentermine from uk hydrocodone ffor psychiatric use potential cost savings from price competition from biosimilars with long term incentives for investment in innovative biologics.373 Grabowski et al estimated that an originator biologic drug could be expected to break even after a period of 12.9 -16.2 years.374 However, there has been much debate hydrocodone ffor psychiatric use on the subject. In 2009 the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that 12 years data protection was not necessary to spur innovation, with sufficient incentive provided through patents and market-based pricing.

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