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Any member of the company entitled to attend and vote at a meeting of the company shall be entitled to appoint any other person (whether a member or not) as his proxy to attend and vote instead of himself. A member (and in the case of joint holders all holders) shall not appoint more than one person as proxy. A proxy so appointed shall not have any right to speak at the meeting. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (i) (ii) Provided that unless where the proxy is appointed by a body corporate a proxy shall not be entitled to vote except on a poll.

In every notice calling a meeting of the Company there shall appear with reasonable prominence a statement that a member entitled to attend and vote is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of himself, and that a proxy need not be a member.

The instrument appointing a proxy or any other document necessary to show the validity or otherwise relating to the appointment of a proxy shall be lodged with the Company not less than 48 (forty eight) hours before the meeting in order that the appointment may be effective thereat. The instrument appointing a proxy shall : be in writing, and be signed by the appointer or his attorney duly authorised in writing or, if the appointer is a body corporate, be under its seal or be signed by an demerol vs oxycodone officer or an attorney duly authorised by it. Every instrument of proxy whether for a specified meeting or otherwise shall, as nearly as circumstances will admit, be in usual common form. An instrument mrthadone and xanax detox appointing a proxy, if in any of the forms set out in Schedule IX to the Act shall not be questioned on the ground that it fails to comply with any special requirements specified for such instrument by these Articles. (g) Every member entitled to vote at a meeting of the Company, or on any resolution to be moved thereat, shall be entitled during the period beginning 24 (twenty four) hours before the time fixed for the commencement of the meeting and ending with the conclusion of the meeting, to inspect the proxies lodged at any time during the business hours of the Company, provided not less than 3 (three) days' notice in writing of the intention so to inspect is given to the Company. Vote of Members 104 (a) No member shall exercise any voting right in respect of any shares registered in his name on which any calls or other sums presently payable by him have not been paid or in regard to which the Company has and has exercised any right of lien. (b) Where the shares of the company are held in trust, the voting power in respect of such shares shall be regulated by the provisions of section 187 b of the act. 105 A member is not prohibited from exercising his voting right on the ground that he has not held his share or other interest in the Company for any specified period preceding the date on which the vote is taken, or on any other ground not being a ground set out in demerol vs oxycodone Article 106 Any shareholder whose name is entered in the Register of members of the Company shall enjoy the same rights and be subject to the same liabilities as all other shareholders of the same class. 107 At any general meeting a resolution put to vote at the meeting shall unless a poll is demanded under Section 179 of the Act be decided on a show of hands. 108 (a) Subject to the provisions of the Act, upon show of hands every member entitled to vote and fig buy tramadol cheap present in person shall have one vote, and upon a poll every member entitled to vote and present in person or by proxy hall have one vote, for every share held by him. (b) No member not personally present shall be entitled to vote on a show of hands unless such member is a body corporate present by proxy or by a representative duly authorised under sections 187 or 187 a of the act, in which case such proxy or representative may vote on a show of hands as if he were a member of the company. (c) A member of unsound mind or in respect brush phentermine viagra xanax of whom an order has been made by any court having jurisdiction in lunacy, may vote, whether on a show of hands demerol vs oxycodone or on a poll by his committee or other legal guardian and any such committee or guardian may on poll vote by proxy; if any member be a minor the vote in respect of his share or shares shall be by his guardians or anyone of his guardians, if more than one, to be selected in case of dispute by the Chairman of the meeting. (d) Subject to the provisions of the Act and other provisions of these Articles, any person entitled under the transmission clause to any shares may vote at any general meeting in respect thereof as if he was the registered holder of such shares, provided that at least 48 (forty eight) hours before the time of holding the meeting or adjourned meeting as the case may be at which he proposes to vote, demerol vs oxycodone he shall satisfy the Directors of his right to hydrocodone hair drug test such shares unless the Directors shall have previously admitted his right to vote at such meeting in respect thereof. (e) If any such instrument of appointment be confined to the object of appointing proxy or substitute for voting at meetings of the Company, it shall remain permanently or for such time as the Directors may determine in the custody of the Company; if embracing other objects a copy thereof examined with the original, shall be delivered to the Company to remain in the custody of the Company. (f) A vote given in accordance with the terms of an instrument of proxy shall be valid notwithstanding the previous death of the principal or revocation of the proxy or the transfer of the share in respect of which the vote is given, provided that no intimation in writing of the death, revocation or transfer shall have been received at the registered office of the Company before the meeting. (g) No objection shall be made to the validity of any vote except at the meeting or poll at which such vote shall be tendered and every vote whether given personally or by an agent or proxy or representative not disallowed at such meeting or poll shall be deemed valid for all purpose of such meeting or poll whatsoever. (h) The Chairman of any meeting shall be the sole judge of the validity of every vote tendered at such meeting.

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