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Css cod tramadol

Except so far as otherwise provided by the conditions of issue or by these presents, any capital raised by the creation of new shares shall adderall foreign online pharmacy poclc org net buy tramadol pharmacy be considered as part of the css cod tramadol original capital and shall be subject to the provisions herein contained with reference to the payment of calls, installments, transfers, transmission, forfeiture, lien, surrender, voting and otherwise.

7 (a) Subject to the provisions of section 80 of the act and subject to the provisions on which any shares may have been issued, the company may issue preference shares which are or at the option of the company are liable to be redeemed; (i) no such shares shall be redeemed except out of the profits of the Company which would otherwise be available for dividend or out of the proceeds of a fresh issue of Shares made for the purpose of redemption; (ii) no such shares shall be redeemed unless they are fully paid; (iii) the premium, if any, payable on redemption shall have been provided for out of the profits of the Company or out of the Company's share premium account before the shares are redeemed; (iv) where any such shares are redeemed otherwise than out of the proceeds of a fresh issue, there shall, out of profits which would otherwise have been available for dividend, be transferred to a hydrocodone usesbuy reserve fund, to be called "the capital redemption reserve account", a sum equal to the nominal amount of the shares redeemed; and the provisions of the Act relating to the reduction of the share capital of the Company shall, except as provided in Section 80 of the Act, apply as if the capital redemption reserve account were paid up share capital of the Company.

(b) Subject to the provisions of Section 80 of the Act and subject to the provisions on which any shares may have been issued, css cod tramadol the redemption of preference shares may be effected on such terms and in such manner as may be provided in these Articles or by the terms and conditions of their issue and subject thereto in such manner as the Directors may think fit.

(c) The redemption of preference shares under these provisions by the Company shall not be I taken as reducing the amount of its authorised Share Capital. (d) Where in pursuance of this Article, the Company has redeemed or is about to redeem any preference shares, it shall have power to issue shares upto the nominal amount of the shares redeemed or to be redeemed as if those shares had never been issued; and accordingly the Share Capital of the Company shall not, for the purpose of calculating the fees payable under Section 611 of the Act, be deemed to be increased by the issue of css cod tramadol shares in pursuance of this clause. Provided that where new shares css cod tramadol are issued before the redemption of the old shares, the new shares shall not so far as relates to stamp duty be deemed to have been issued in pursuance of this clause unless the old shares are css cod tramadol redeemed within one month after the issue of the new shares.

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