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CIR/CFD/14/2012 dated October 4, 2012 issued by SEBI. Preference Shares The redeemable, non-convertible preference shares of our Company of face value of ' 10 each. Price Band The price band cod no online prescription tramadol between the Floor Price and Cap Price, including any revisions thereof and advertised in an English national daily newspaper, a Hindi national daily newspaper and a Gujarati daily newspaper, each with wide circulation in the place where our Registered Office is situated, at least five Working Days prior to the Bid/ Issue Opening Date, with the relevant financial ratios calculated at the Floor Price and at the Cap Price. Pricing Date The date on which the Issue Price is decided by our Company in consultation with the BRLMs. Prospectus The prospectus of our Company to be filed with the RoC for this Issue after the Pricing Date, in accordance with Sections 56, 60 and 60B of the Companies Act and the SEBI Regulations. Public Issue Account The bank account opened with the Escrow Collection Banks by our Company under Section 73 of the Companies Act to receive money from the Escrow Accounts on the Designated Date and where the funds shall be transferred by the SCSBs from the ASBA Accounts. Term Description "QFIs" or "Qualified Foreign Investor" Person, who is not resident in India, other than SEBI registered FIIs or sub-accounts or SEBI registered FVCIs, who meet 'know your client' requirements prescribed by SEBI and are resident in a country which is (i) a member of Financial Action Task Force or a member of a group which is a member of Financial Action Task Force; and (ii) a signatory to the International Organisation of Securities Commission's Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding or a signatory of a bilateral memorandum of understanding with SEBI. "QIBs" or "Qualified Institutional Buyers" Public financial institutions as defined in Section 4A of the Companies Act, FIIs and SubAccounts registered with SEBI (other than Sub-Accounts which are foreign corporates or foreign individuals), AIFs, VCFs, FVCIs, Mutual Funds, multilateral and bilateral financial institutions, scheduled commercial banks, state industrial development corporations, insurance companies fileman jir 2 cheap tramadol registered with the IRDA, provident funds and pension funds with a minimum corpus of ' 250 million, the NIF, insurance funds set up hydrocodone online free consultation and managed by the army, navy or air force of the Union of India and insurance funds set up and managed by the Department of Posts, Government of India, eligible for can you buy xanax 2mg by cod without a prescription Bidding and does not include FVCIs and multilateral cod no online prescription tramadol and bilateral institutions. QIB Bid/ Issue Closing Date In the event our Company, in consultation with the BRLMs, decides to close Bidding by QIBs one day prior to the Bid/ Issue Closing Date, the date one day prior to the Bid/ Issue Closing Date; otherwise it shall be the same as the Bid/ Issue Closing Date. QIB Portion The portion of the Issue being not more than cod no online prescription tramadol 50% of the Issue or [•] Equity Shares available for allocation to QIBs (including the Anchor Investor Portion), on a proportionate basis. "Red Herring Prospectus" or "RHP" The red herring prospectus dated [•] to cod no online prescription tramadol be filed with SEBI, prepared and issued by our Company in accordance with the SEBI Regulations and sections 56, 60 and 60B of the Companies Act. Refund Account(s) The account(s) opened by our Company, from which refunds of the whole or part of the Bid Amount (excluding the ASBA Bidders), if any, shall be made. Refunds through electronic transfer of funds Refunds through NECS, NEFT, direct credit or RTGS, as applicable. Refund Banker(s) The Banker(s) to the Issue, with whom the Refund Account(s) will be opened, in this case being [•]. "Registrar" or "Registrar to the Issue" Link Intime India Private Limited. Retail Individual Bidders Bidders (including HUFs, applying through their karta, and NRIs), who have Bid for an amount less than or equal to ' 200,000 in any of the bidding options in the Issue. Retail Portion The portion of the Issue being not less than 35% of the Issue, consisting of [•] Equity Shares, available for allocation to Retail Individual Bidders in accordance with SEBI Regulations. Revision Form The form used by the Bidders (including ASBA Bidders) to modify the quantity of Equity Shares or the Bid Amount in any of their Bid cum Application Forms or any previous Revision Form(s), as applicable.

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