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This is discussed in Chapter 9; • seeking international about zolpidem agreement not to extend IP rights retrospectively; • seeking international about zolpidem agreement to building independent economic analysis into the negotiating process with an agreement between countries that they would not pursue IP changes where such analysis indicated that this was clearly contrary to global economic interests; • seeking international agreement to funding pharmaceutical innovation in areas with large public benefits, particularly, but not exclusively in developing countries but where patent protection is relatively ineffective in generating such innovation. The Panel proposes that Australia make its contribution in this area and fund it from reductions in the term of patent extensions. Australia has pioneered the provision of domestic economic transparency delivered by bodies such as the Productivity Commission about de cosite link tramadol zolpidem and its predecessors. It should offer to provide independent analysis and advice to other countries in the region on IP matters to assist them in negotiating international agreements. It should also champion the cause of about zolpidem transparent deliberative processes involving appropriate expertise into the negotiation of international economic agreements. Draft Recommendation 3.1: The Government should expeditiously seek a situation where Australia has strong yet parsimonious IP rights - that is, rights that are strongly enforced and that provide the incentive necessary to underpin an appropriate level of investment in innovation but that are not defined so broadly as to impose costs on innovation or other activity without commensurate benefits. For instance such strong yet parsimonious IP rights could provide a desired level of incentive to invest in pharmaceutical innovation without preventing our industry from servicing offshore generic markets, as current law does.

Australia should take a leadership role in seeking consensus with jurisdictions with similar interests to identify and pursue a range of changes in international patent law and practice along these lines. Draft Recommendation 3.2: The Government should ensure that future trade negotiations and renegotiations are based on a sound and strategic economic understanding of the costs and benefits to Australia and the world and of the impacts of current and proposed IP provisions, both for Australia and other parties to the negotiations.

The Government should strongly resist changes - such as retrospective extensions of patent rights - which are likely to reduce world economic welfare and lead other countries in opposing such measures.

Current law As discussed in Chapter 3, TRIPS and AUSFTA are the international agreements to which Australia is a signatory that are about zolpidem of most relevance to this review.

The TRIPS Agreement requires patentees to be given specific exclusive rights, including the right to prevent others from making the patented product or using the patented process.62 is oxycontin an opiate The TRIPS Agreement and the AUSFTA allow exceptions to these rights; provided that they do not unreasonably conflict with a normal exploitation of the patent and that they do not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the patentee, taking account of the legitimate interests of third parties.63 TRIPS also requires technology neutrality - generally prohibiting the exclusion of specific technologies from rights provided by the patent system.

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