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A ritodrine B dinoprostone C ergometrine D oxytocin E carboprost Q10 A patient is being started on amiloride/hydrochlorthiazide tablets. A salbutamol B enalapril C diazepam D senna E atenolol Q11 Which normal tissue is especially liable to be damaged by cytotoxic drugs? A brain B cartilage C muscle D intestinal mucosa E bone glycosides EXCEPT: A gentamicin B tobramycin C azithromyci D amikacin E kanamycin 013 Quoting 50 378.9576 to three significant figures reads: A 503 B 50 300 C 50 400 D 50 378.957 E 50 378.958 Q14 Which anti-infective preparation is available only as a topical dosage form? A ketoconazole B terbinafine C mupirocin D fusidic acid E griseofulvin Q15 Which of the following is not a nasal decongestant? Aphenylpropanolamine B triprolidine C pseudoephedrine D phenylephrine E oxymetazoline Q16 Calculate the weight in grams of 1 mole sulphate in calcium sulphate (relative atomic mass of calcium = 40.08; sulphur = 32.07; oxygen = drugs com need talk ultram tramadol ultracet vs 16.00): A 00 B 64 C 96 D 136 E 144 Q17 Calculate the dose of domperidone suspension to be administered to xanax springdale arkansas dealer a patient if the paediatric dosing regimen is listed as 2.5 mg/ 10 kg three times daily. Domperidone suspension contains 1 mg of domperidone per mL. A 2.5 mL t.d.s B 5m L t.d.s. C 1m L t.d.s. D 75 mL t.d.s. E 7.5 mL t.d.s Q18 The adult intravenous dose of gentamicin is 2 mg/kg every 8 hours. How many milligrams will a 65 kg patient receive daily? A 130 mg B 1040 mg C 390 mg D 16 mg E 520 mg Q19 Clotrimazole is indicated to treat infections caused by: A Candida albicans B Chlamydia trachomatis C Neisseria gonorrhoea xanax springdale arkansas dealer D Staphylcoccus aureus E Streptococcus pneumoniae A loperamide B ispaghula husk C kaolin and morphi D lactulose E bisacodyl Q21 The rubella virus has the most serious effect on: A an elderly patient B a pregnant woman C a newborn infant D a first-trimester fetus E an adolescent girl Q22 Pharmacological effects of calcium-channel blocking agents may include: A venoconstriction B arteriodilatation C hypertension D positive inotropic effect Eincreased conduction at the sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes Q23 Characteristic symptoms of peptic ulcer disease include all EXCEPT: A diffuse abdominal pain B pain relief by food C pain during the night D pain relieved by antacids E occasional xanax springdale arkansas dealer vomiting A is a dopamine agonist B is not associated with extrapyramidal symptoms C may be used for prophylaxis of travel sickness D adult daily dose is 30 mg E zolpidem ambien noverdose increases oesophageal sphincter contraction Q25 Drugs used in the treatment of prophylaxis of angina include all EXCEPT: Aglyceryl trinitrate B isosorbide dinitrate C nifedipine D atenolol E losartan Q26 Carbamazepine xanax springdale arkansas dealer is used in the treatment of: A trigeminal neuralgia B parkinsonism C hyperthyroidism D hypothyroidism E dementia Q27 Which of the following drugs is not liable to cause constipation? A codeine B amitriptyline C orphenadrine D senna E tramadol Q28 The amount in grams of potassium permanganate required to prepare 25 mL of a 1 in 55 solution is: A 0.04 B 0.45 C 1 D 2.2 E 4.5 Q29 Which of the following is of value in the management of eczema? A fatty cream base B podophyllum C lidocaine D calcipotriol E clindamycin Q30 Which one of the following drugs is likely to cause photosensitivity?

A amiodarone B ferrous sulphate C digoxin D isosorbide dinitrate E propranolol Q31 A mother comes to the pharmacy with her 3-year-old son who has a cough.

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