Taking zolpidem

Taking zolpidem

The Company may at any time reconvert any stock into paid up shares of any denomination. 92 The holders of stock shall, according to the amount of stock, held by them have the same right, privileges and advantages as regards dividends, voting at meeting of the Company and other matters, as if they held the share from which the stock arose, but no such privilege or advantage (except participation in the dividends and profits of the Company and the assets on winding up) shall be conferred by an amount of stock which would not if existing in shares, have conferred that privilege or advantage. Meetings of Members 93.

Subject to the provisions contained in Sections 166 and 210 of the Act, as far as applicable, the Company shall in each year hold, in addition to any other meetings, a general meeting as its annual general meeting, and shall specify, the meeting as such in the Notice calling it; and not more than fifteen months shall elapse between the date of one annual general meeting of the Company and that of the next. Provided that if the Registrar for any special reason, extends the time within which any annual general meeting shall be held, then such annual general meeting may be held within such extended period. The Company may in anyone general meeting fix the place for its any annual general meetings. Every member of the Company shall be entitled to attend either in person or by proxy and the Auditor of the Company shall have the right to attend and to be heard at any general meeting which he attends on any part of the business which concerns him as Auditor. At every annual general meeting of the Company, there shall be laid on the table, the Director's report, taking zolpidem the audited statements of accounts and auditor's report (if any, not already incorporated in the audited statements of accounts).

The proxy registered with the Company and Register of Director's Share holdings of which latter register shall remain open and accessible during the continuance of the meeting. The Board shall cause to prepare the Annual list of members, summary of Share Capital, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account and forward the same to the Registrar in accordance with Sections 159, 161 and 220 of the Act.

94 Every annual general meeting shall be called at any time during business hours, on a day that is not a public holiday, and shall be held either at the registered office of the Company or at some other place within the city, town or village in which the registered office of the Company is situate, and the notice calling the meeting shall specify it as the annual general meeting. 95 Sections 171 to 186 of the Act with such adaptations and modifications, if any, as may be prescribed shall apply with respect to meetings of any class of members or debentureholders of the Company in like manner as they apply with respect to general meetings of the Company. 96 The Directors may call an extraordinary general meeting of the Company whenever they think fit. 97 (a) The board of directors of the company shall on the requisition of such number of members of the company as is specified in taking zolpidem clause (d) of this article, forthwith proceed taking zolpidem duly to call an extraordinary general meeting of the company. (b) The requisition shall set out the matters for the consideration of which the meeting is to be called, shall be signed by the requisitionists, and shall be deposited at taking zolpidem the registered office of the Company. (c) The requisition may consist of several documents in like form, each signed by one or more requisitionists. (d) The number of members entitled to requisition a meeting in regard to any matter shall be such number of them as held at the date of the deposit of the requisition not less than one (e) tenth of such of the paid up share capital of the Company as at that date carried the right of voting in regard to that matter.

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