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Subsidiaries Orchid Research Laboratories Limited, India (ORLL) Your Company's Indian subsidiary, ORLL is engaged in proprietary, novel drug discovery research in the following therapeutic areas namely, anti-infectives, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, metabolic disorders and Central Nervous System (CNS). New drug discovery and development activities are conducted in state-of-the art laboratories spanning expertise in analytical research, bio-informatics, medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, intellectual property management and quality assurance. The subsidiary company has a robust pipeline of prescription xanax without prescription shipped fed ex drug development projects to address auto part phentermine viagra xanax unmet medical needs. During the year under review, regulatory documents were filed for four clinical candidates in India and EU for initiation of clinical prescription xanax without prescription shipped fed ex trials.

ORLL has also designed and synthesised a good number of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) in various therapeutic areas and significant molecules are under various biological profiling to strengthen the existing pipeline. ORLL has built a successful partnership with Merck and Co., USA for collaborative drug discovery in the anti-infectives area. Certain NCEs were synthesised and tested in various in vitro and in vivo biological assays and several promising compounds have been identified. A significant number of patents have been filed in various therapeutic areas to provide for protection of intellectual property generated by ORLL. Bexel Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA (Bexel) During the year, Bexel conducted advanced basic studies on the lead molecule BLX-1002 internally and has filed documents seeking consent to conduct expanded phase 2 clinical trials with the regulatory authorities. Though, the molecule has exhibited potential for multiple indications, the envisaged clinical trial will test efficacy for a select indication. Further, basic mechanistic studies in animal models conducted at a leading research institute have presented insights to understand the mechanism of this molecule.

Additional advanced studies in animals and later in select patients is being planned to generate scientific data backed mechanistic rationale for the molecule.

The referred studies are being planned in the subsequent quarters, while approval to conduct clinical trial is awaited. Orchid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA Orchid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a wholly owned Delaware based subsidiary of your Company and also the holding company in the United States, under prescription xanax without prescription shipped fed ex which all the operational business subsidiaries have been structured.

The Company currently has two operating subsidiaries, Orgenus Pharma, Inc., and Orchid Pharma, Inc., (formed during the year) both located in Princeton, New Jersey, in the US. Orgenus Pharma, Inc., is the entity that provides all business development and operational services for the parent Company including the initiation of marketing alliances with partner companies, filing of your Company's Drug Master Files (DMFs) and Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) as the Importer of record for your Company with the FDA. It continues prescription xanax without prescription shipped fed ex to represent your Company for all matters relating to the review and approval of such filings by the FDA, and handling of logistics and product importation into the prescription xanax without prescription shipped fed ex US as the Importer of Record for the US Customs. During the year under review, the Company formed a new subsidiary namely Orchid Pharma, Inc., in the USA. Orchid Pharma, Inc., is the commercial entity that started directly marketing and selling your Company's products in the US generics market place through the acquisition of Karalex Pharma, LLC during the fiscal year 2010-11. Orchid Pharma, Inc., has established a strong corporate image for your Company in the US and will be launching all future (unpartnered) generics products under the Orchid label.

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