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It can also result in extensions being obtained in new phentermine buy 30mg reliance on an ARTG listing which bears little relation to the patented product. The Panel considers that clarifying s.70(3) so that the relevant ARTG listing is related to the product claimed by the patent may result new phentermine buy 30mg in better outcomes in certain specific cases and should reduce histenex hc syrup hydrocodone, phenylephrine, chlorphiramine uncertainty. However, an amendment would only be warranted if it addressed important continuing inefficiencies and would involve negligible net costs Draft recommendation 6.3: Section 70(3) should be amended to clarify that the ARTG registration on which an extension of term is based is that of the relevant product, the use of which would infringe the claim. The Panel requests feedback from stakeholders natural alternative for xanax on the effects of clarifying the legislation in this manner. Current law Contributory infringement is a form of indirect infringement. In general terms, contributory infringement may occur where a person contributes to infringing conduct, or directs another party to engage in infringing conduct.

Section 117(1) of the Patents Act provides that, if use of the product by a person would infringe a patent, the supply of that product from one person to another is an infringement of the patent by the supplier, unless the supplier is the patentee or licensee of the patent. Section 117(2) further provides that the "use of a product by a person" refers (a)the use of a product that is capable of only one reasonable use; or (b)any use of a product that is not "a new phentermine buy 30mg staple commercial product", if the supplier had reason to believe that the person would put it new phentermine buy 30mg to that use; or (c)the use of the product in accordance with any instructions or any inducement to use the product, provided by the supplier. These provisions were introduced to harmonise Australian law with its trading partners and to provide patentees with a "more effective, realistic and just mechanism"151 to enforce their patents.

It enables a patentee to new phentermine buy 30mg take infringement action against a small number of suppliers rather than against a large number of users of the product. The criteria for contributory infringement appear to be based on recommendations made by the Industrial Property Advisory Committee152 and the equivalent US provisions.153 6.10.2.

Submissions Submissions received from the originator pharmaceutical sector indicate broad support for the existing provisions. Although the provisions are technology neutral, they are of particular importance to the pharmaceutical sector. There is general agreement in submissions that contributory infringement provisions are particularly important in cases of method of treatment for a particular disease. For example, IPTA submits that it would be inappropriate for patentees to take infringement action against physicians or patients who were using the patented treatment method in circumstances where supply of the patented product for the claimed use had been made by a third party.154 GMIA submits that s.117 needs to be amended to ensure that where the xanax without a prescription approved product information does not include a patented use as a treatment indication, and does not otherwise recommend the use of a product in an infringing manner, the use of the non-patented indication does not amount to infringement.

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