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Key factors influencing the amount of R&D conducted in Australia are the relative costs of conducting R&D, access new phentermine 37.5 mg to skilled researchers and the presence of strong medical infrastructure to support laboratory research and clinical trials. The importance of research reputation for attracting industry funding for clinical trials was stressed by representatives from both Monash University and Murdoch Children's Research Institute in their submissions at public hearings.

Both explained that the strong reputations of researchers at Monash and Murdoch, and a successful collaboration history, play a significant part in attracting industry R&D funding for clinical new phentermine 37.5 mg trials. Both representatives considered that patent protection also played some part in attracting funding, because industry partners were more inclined to invest where there was patent protection. However, where the investor is an new phentermine 37.5 mg international company and the market is global, a patent portfolio that spans major markets such as the US and Europe is likely to be of far more importance than the relative strength or duration of patent protection in Australia. In particular, it is unlikely that the length of patent term extensions should be a key determinant in the decision whether or not to conduct research in Australia. Similarly, it is difficult to see how features of Australia's patent system would have a decisive influence on the availability of drugs in the country. It is unlikely, all other things being equal, that the strength or duration of patent term would be the major factor in deciding whether or not to bring a drug to Australia. But, as exemplified by Medicines Australia, and other submissions from the originator industry, the amount of R&D the industry would undertake in Australia is linked to the robustness of the country's patent arrangements. The view is that the industry would favour countries depending on the strength of their patent protection, even if that decision entailed a less than efficient allocation of research funds. There is, however, no precision as to what constitutes an adequate patent system and no guarantee about the amount or share of R&D which would be funded by the originator industry in a country with a strong patent system. A relationship between patent protection and research is also evident in some of the announcements of past governments, which have stated that lengthening the duration of patent protection for pharmaceutical inventions is for the purpose of increasing pharmaceutical research or to promote the production of new drugs in Australia.45 The new phentermine 37.5 mg effectiveness of this extension of patent protection is considered at chapter 5. On the other hand, submissions from the generic manufacturers argue for reduction of the length and scope of extensions to address the second challenge to the pharmaceutical system, which is to control the cost of medicines to ensure that Australians and the Australian Government, through the PBS, can continue to enjoy access to medicines and a high standard of medical care.

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