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Nasacort aciphex phentermine actos imitrex

This Article shall not derogate from any power which the Company would have if this Article were omitted.

The provisions of these Articles relating to general meetings shall mutatis mutandis apply to every such separate meeting but so' that if at any adjourned meeting of such holders a quorum as defined in Article 102 is not present, those persons who are present shall be quorum. Consolidation, Division, Sub-Division Conversion and Cancellation of Shares 10 Subject to the provisions of Section 94 of the Act. the Company in general meeting may, from time to time, sub-divide or consolidate is shares, or any of them. and the hydrocodone online cheap resolution whereby any share is subdivided, may determine that, as between the holders of the shares resulting from such sub-division, one or more of is tramadol stronger than vicodin such shares shall have some preference or special advantage as regards dividend, capital or otherwise over or as compared with the other or others. Subject as aforesaid the Company in general meeting may also cancel shares which have not been taken or agreed to be taken by any person and diminish the amount of its share capital by the amount of the shares so cancelled. Share Warrants 87 The Company may issue share warrants subject to and in accordance with the provisions of Sections 114 and 115 of the Act and accordingly, the Board may, in its discretion, with respect to any share which is fully paid upon application in writing signed by the persons registered as holder of the share and authenticated by such evidence (if any) as the Board nasacort aciphex phentermine actos imitrex may, from time to time require as to the identity of the person signing the application, and on receiving the certificate (if any) of the share, and the amount or the stamp duty on the warrant and such fee as the Board may, from time to time, require, issue a share warrant. 88 (a) The bearer of a share warrant may at any time deposit the warrant at the office of the Company and so long as the warrant remains so deposited, the depositor shall have the same right (b) of signing a requisition for calling a meeting of the Company, and of attending, and voting, and exercising the other privileges of a Member at any meeting held after the expiry of two clear days from the time of deposit, as if his name were inserted in the Register of members as nasacort aciphex phentermine actos imitrex the holder of the share included in the deposited warrant. (c) The Company shall on two days' written notice return the deposited share warrant to the depositor. 89 (a) Subject as herein otherwise expressly provided, no person shall, as bearer of a share nasacort aciphex phentermine actos imitrex warrant, sign a requisition for calling a meeting of the Company, or attend, or vote or exercise any of the privileges of a member at a meeting of the Company, or be entitled to receive any notice from the Company. (b) The bearer of a share warrant shall be entitled in all other respects to the same privileges and advantages as if he were named in the Register of members nasacort aciphex phentermine actos imitrex as the holder of the shares included in the warrant and he shall be a member of the Company. 90 The Board may, from time to time, make nasacort aciphex phentermine actos imitrex rules as to the terms on which (if it shall think fit) a new share warrant or coupon may be issued by way of renewal in case of defacement, loss or destruction. Share Certificates 26 (a) The issue of certificates of shares or of duplicate or renewal of certificates of Shares shall be governed by the provisions of Section 84 and other provisions of the Act, as may be applicable and by the Rules or notifications or orders, if any, which may be prescribed or made by competent authority under the Act or Rules or any other law. The Directors may also comply with the provisions of such rules or regulations of any stock exchange where the shares of the Company may be listed for the time being. (b) The certificate of title to shares shall be issued under the Seal of the Company and shall be signed by such Directors or Officers or other authorised persons as may be prescribed by the Rules made under the Act from time to time and subject thereto shall be signed in such manner and by such persons as the Directors may determine from time to time. (c) The Company shall comply with all rules and regulations and other directions which may be made by any competent authority under Section 84 of the Act. 27 (a) Every Member shall be entitled, without payment to one or more certificates in marketable lots, for all the Shares of each class of denomination registered in his name, or if the directors so approved (upon paying such fee as the Directors may from time to time determined) to several certificates, each for one or more of such shares and the company shall complete and keep ready for delivery such certificates within three months from the date of allotment, unless the conditions of issue thereof otherwise provide, or within one month of the receipt of application of registration of transfer, transmission, sub-division, consolidation or renewal of any of its shares as the case may be.

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