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Hydrocodone bitartrate vs hydrocodone

5.Each Party shall provide that a patent may only be revoked on hydrocodone watson 503 grounds that would have justified a refusal to grant the patent, or on the basis of fraud, misrepresentation, or inequitable conduct.

6.Consistent with paragraph 3, if a Party permits a third person to use the subject matter of a subsisting patent to generate information necessary to support an application for marketing approval of a pharmaceutical product, that Party shall provide that any product produced under such authority shall not be made, used, or sold in the territory of that Party other than for purposes related to houston oxycontin lawyers generating information to meet requirements for marketing approval for the product, and if the Party permits exportation, the product shall only be exported outside the territory of that Party for purposes of meeting marketing approval requirements of that Party. 7.A Party shall not permit the use17-m]398of hydrocodone bitartrate vs hydrocodone the subject matter of a patent without the authorisation of the right holder except in the following circumstances: (a)to remedy a practice determined after judicial or administrative process to be anti-competitive under the Party's laws relating to prevention of anti-competitive practices;17-U3I399or (b)in cases of public non-commercial use, or of national emergency, or other circumstances of extreme urgency, provided that: (i)the Party shall limit such use to use by the government or third persons authorised by the government; (ii)the Party shall ensure that the patent owner is provided with reasonable hydrocodone bitartrate vs hydrocodone compensation for such use; and 39817-[22] "Use" in this paragraph refers to use other than that allowed under paragraph 3 and Article hydrocodone bitartrate vs hydrocodone 30 of the TRIPS Agreement.

39917-[23] With respect to sub-paragraph (a), the Parties recognize that a patent does hydrocodone bitartrate vs hydrocodone not necessarily confer market power. (iii) the Party may not require the patent owner to provide undisclosed information or technical know-how related to a patented invention that has been authorised for use in accordance with this paragraph. 8.(a) If there are unreasonable delays in a Party's issuance of patents, that Party shall provide the means to, and at the request of a patent owner, shall, adjust the term of the patent to compensate for such delays. An unreasonable delay shall at least include a delay in the issuance of a patent of more than four years from the date of filing of the application in the hydrocodone bitartrate vs hydrocodone Party, or two years after a request for examination of the application has been made, whichever is later. For the purposes of this paragraph, any delays that occur in the issuance of a patent due to periods attributable to actions of the patent applicant or any opposing third person need not be included in the determination of such delay.

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