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Continual, regular assessment of students provides a form of feedback to students on the level of knowledge gained and areas where additional work is needed. This text would be of equal value if sections of the text were given to students as regular formative assessment or if students used the text as a study guide. The primary aim of professional development in pharmacy is to develop and maintain competencies, which improve standards of care and health outcomes for patients.

Knowledge is a critical element in this process and community pharmacists invest significant time and money undertaking CPD. One of the 11 buy tramadol online 1 major barriers to effective CPD is motivation to undertake f order tramadol further learning reflected in reasons given for lack of engagement with CPD, such as lack of time, cost and lack of engagement with educational formats.

A contributing factor to this lack of engagement is the inability to match individual learning needs with educational offerings. These questions provide an excellent tool to enable practising pharmacists to assess their own knowledge in a variety fast hydrocodone of relevant areas.

Once gaps how does methadone differ from hydrocodone in knowledge are identified, it is a simpler process to undertake selfdirected learning that addresses deficiencies and CPD is therefore more stimulating and meaningful and likely to lead to a change in practice. Multiple choice questions are time consuming and difficult to develop in a manner that ensures appropriate assessment of knowledge and critical thinking skills. The questions in MCQs in Pharmacy Practice 2nd edn are of an excellent standard and the format, variety and structure make it an essential resource for the pharmacy profession. Associate Professor Jennifer Marriott Director, Bachelor of Pharmacy Course, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University, Australia President, Academic Section, International Pharmaceutical Federation Acknowledgements I would like to f order tramadol thank colleagues and friends who have supported me in completing the second edition of this book. I am most grateful to the contributing authors: Anthony Serracino- Inglott and Maurice Zarb Adami from the University of Malta, Steve Hudson from the University of Strathclyde and Sam Salek from the University of Cardiff. I would like to thank pharmacists Alison Anastasi and Louise Azzopardi for their participation in reviewing the material.

Gratitude is also due to Juanito Camilleri, Rector, and zolpidem ambien Godfrey Laferla, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Malta for their constant support.

Thanks also go to staff and students at the Department of Pharmacy especially Amanda Calleja and staff at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. I would like to acknowledge the assistance received from staff at Pharmaceutical Press, particularly Christina DeBono and Louise McIndoe. About the editor Lilian M Azzopardi studied pharmacy at the University of Malta, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. In 1994 she took up a position at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta as a teaching and research assistant.

Professor Azzopardi completed an MPhil on the development of formulary systems for community pharmacy in 1995, and in 1999 she gained a PhD. Her thesis led to the hydrocodone meds on line publication of the book Validation Instruments for Community Pharmacy: pharmaceutical care for the third millennium published in 2000 by Pharmaceutical Products Press, USA. She worked together with Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott who was a pioneer in the introduction of clinical pharmacy in the late sixties. Professor Azzopardi is the author of Further MCQs In Pharmacy Practice (2006) and MCQs in Clinical Pharmacy (2007) by Pharmaceutical Press.

Professor Azzopardi is currently an associate professor in pharmacy practice at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta and is responsible for coordinating several aspects of teaching of pharmacy practice, including clinical pharmacy for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as supervising a number of pharmacy projects and dissertations in the field. She is an examiner at the University of Malta for students following the course of pharmacy and is an assessor in determining suitability to practice.

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