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Alza Vacaville also produces three types of transdermal products: an extruded product, a form- fill-seal (FFS) product, and a solvent cast product. Contacts at the Vacaville facility indicated that approximately 70% of waste management concerns are related to the OROS solvent coating process.

The remaining waste management concerns center around "nicotine contaminated process waste".

Redwood City (RC1) site: This site performs commercial manufacturing of ORTHO EVRA, a contraceptive transdermal (TTS) system. This manufacturing operation was initiated in 2002.

TTS systems are produced using the process used at Vacaville site.

Waste solvents are stored in drums for disposal through a hazardous waste disposal contractor that picks up stored wastes at the facility. Palo Alto site (PA11): Research and Development (R & D) activities are performed at this site. In addition to R & D, a small scale manufacturing of DUROS (implant system for treatment of advanced prostate cancer) occurs at does generic canadian pharmacy no prescription xanax like look oxycontin this facility. The hazardous waste generated through the R & D and manufacturing activities is limited. The major waste stream at the facility is wastewater containing a non-hazardous disinfectant generated from cleaning the aseptic (sterile) facility. Mountain View facility (M1): The M1 facility is engaged in the development, analytical testing, and pilot scale operation of products using OROS technology, and the membrane coating of ALZET. ALZET is a device (pump) does generic like look oxycontin that is used to control the amount of a drug administered during research and development activities. The Pan-Coating step (typical does generic like look oxycontin of that used for coating OROS tablets) in which the membrane material, dissolved in a solvent, is sprayed onto the subassembly.

This is the only ALZET process step that generates hazardous waste. Hazardous waste ALZET solvents are drummed and disposed through professional disposing contractor.

Mountain View facility (Site M3): This site consists of one building, which contains offices, R & D facilities and analytical laboratories. The most significant analytical research activities occurring at this site is the High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analytical function. Chlorinated and non-chlorinated wastes are generated at this facility. Menlo Park Facility (Site MP): The Menlo Park facility conducts R & D and pilot scale operations for transdermal and liposomal technologies, as well as laboratory analytical operations. The hazardous waste streams does generic like look oxycontin generated from this site include (a) process waste water containing a small quantity of flammable solvent, (b) wastewater from facility cleaning and disinfecting operations (c) small amount of cytotoxic drug compound (d) mobile phase solvent waste (e) expired laboratory and chemical feedstocks and (f) empty reagent bottles. Vacaville Site (Building V) EPA ID: CAD982475964 Waste Stream CWC Pounds 1998 Pounds 2002 Description/Waste Generating Processes Spent halogenated solvents 211 970,397 935,847 Tablet Coating Operations Non-halogenated solvents 212 57,637 464,576 Tablet Coating Operations Nicotine containing wastes P075 123,222 267,985 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Active Pharmaceutical (drug) waste 311 173,577 0 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Site RC1 (Redwood City) EPA ID: CAD981694961 Waste Stream CWC Pounds (1998) Pounds (2002) Description/Waste Generating Processes Active Pharmaceutical (drug) process waste 311 - 120,794 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Non-halogenated solvents 212 - 39,421 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Empty bottles previously contained solvents 513 7,508 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Site PA11 (Palo Alto) EPA ID: CAD061622783 Waste Stream CWC Pounds (1998) Pounds (2002) Description/Waste Generating Processes Unspecified aqueous solution 135 - 32,784 Generated from aseptic manufacturing operations.

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