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Dm hydrocodone promethazine syrup

(e) The dm hydrocodone promethazine syrup Capital Redemption Reserve Account may, notwithstanding anything in this Article, be applied by the Company, in paying up unissued shares of the Company to dm hydrocodone promethazine syrup be issued to members of the Company as fully paid bonus shares, 8 The Company shall be at liberty at any time, either at one time or from time to time as the Company shall think fit, by giving not less than six months' previous notice in writing to the holders of the preference shares to redeem at par the whole or part of the preference shares for the time being outstanding, by payment of the nominal amount thereof with dividend calculated upto the date or dates notified for payment (and for this purpose the dividend shall be deemed to accrue and due from day to day) and in the case of redemption of part of the preference shares the following provisions shall take effect: (a) The shares to be redeemed shall be determined by drawing of lots which the Company shall cause to be made at its registered office in the presence of one Director at least; and (b) Forthwith after every such drawing, the Company trazadone vs zolpidem shall notify the shareholders whose shares have been drawn for redemption its intention to redeem such shares by payment at the registered office of the Company at the time and on the date to be named against surrender of the Certificates in respect of the shares to be so redeemed and at the time and date so notified each such shareholder shall be 'bound to surrender to the Company the Share Certificates in respect of the Shares to be redeemed and thereupon the Company shall pay the amount payable to such shareholders in respect of such redemption. The shares to be redeemed shall cease to carry dividend from the date named for payment as aforesaid. Where any such certificate comprises any shares which have not been drawn for redemption, the Company shall com eloise site tramadol issue to the holder thereof a fresh certificate therefor. Shares 13 The rights or privileges conferred upon the holders of the shares of any class issued with preference or other rights, shall not unless otherwise be deemed to be varied or modified or affected by the creation or issue of further shares ranking pari passu therewith.

14 The provisions dm hydrocodone promethazine syrup of Sections 85 to 88 of the Act in so far as the same may be applicable Register of Members and Debenture holders Company dm hydrocodone promethazine syrup or the investor may exercise an option to issue, deal in. hold the securities (including shares) with a Depository dm hydrocodone promethazine syrup in electronic form and the certificates in respect thereof shall be demateriaitsed, in which event the rights and obligations of the parties concerned and matters connected therewith or incidental thereof, shall be governed by the provisions of the Depositories Act, as amended from time to time or any statutory modification thereto or re-enactment thereof.

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