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The Government's stated approach has not always been followed, as illustrated by Australia's negotiating position with regard to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which focuses on copyright and trademarks, rather than patents. In recommending that ACTA not be ratified by Australia, the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) found that the National Interest Assessment (NIA) conducted for the agreement was inadequate in providing an economic assessment of its costs and benefits for Australia.

It also recommended that NIAs of treaties clearly intended to have an cold water extraction tips hydrocodone economic impact have such an assessment done, or a statement explaining why one was not necessary or possible.60 Of even more concern is that there is no evidence that current negotiations cold water extraction tips hydrocodone for the TPP Agreement are being based on a broad economic cheap phentermine no prescription needed understanding of what approach to IP is hydrocodone water solubility in Australia's and other countries' interests. With its outstanding record of transparency and public independent economic analysis through such institutions as the Productivity Commission, Australia is well placed to take a leadership role in negotiations such as TPP and should make the most of such opportunities as they arise. Draft Findings 3.1: In their negotiation of international agreements, Australian Governments have lacked strategic intent, been too passive in their IP negotiations, and given insufficient attention to domestic IP interests. For example, preventing MFE appears to have deprived the Australian economy of billions of dollars of export revenue from Australian based generic manufactures. Yet allowing this to occur would have generated negligible costs for Australian patentees. The Government does not appear to have a positive agenda regarding the IP chapters of canadian pharmacy no perscription xanax the TPP Agreement which comprehends national and regional economic interests. The Government has rightly agreed to only include IP provisions in bilateral and regional trade agreements where economic analysis has demonstrated net benefits, however this policy has not always been followed.

Increasingly global markets mean that policies and laws need to be implemented in multiple jurisdictions to be effective and to avoid adverse consequences for individual countries. For example, Australia could publish data that has been provided in support of regulatory approval once the data protection period has expired in order adipex brand diet phentermine pill to facilitate transparency and further research (see Chapter 9). If it were the only country to do so, this could result in originator pharmaceutical companies not bringing some new products to the Australian market in order to avoid their clinical trial information being disclosed. However, if a number of jurisdictions were to adopt cold water extraction tips hydrocodone this approach, there would be no such adverse consequences for Australia. There is a wide range of fronts on which international IP law and practice could be improved. These changes would be in the interest of most if not all countries and also in the global interest, though there would likely be some commercial interests which would oppose changes to the status quo.

The Australian Government should take a leadership role in seeking consensus with other jurisdictions to identify such improvements.

Examples might include: • economically examining the breadth of exclusive rights provided by a patent, and the length of protection, to see whether they continue to be appropriate or whether they should be rationalised, reduced or expanded;61 • ensuring that the disclosure requirements for patent specifications are sufficient, particularly in fields like biologics (see Chapter 9); • enabling manufacturing for export during the patent term and extension period (see Chapter 4); • enabling stockpiling of patented pharmaceuticals for sale after the expiry of the patent (see Chapter 4); • enabling data provided in support of regulatory approval to be published upon the expiry of the data protection period (noting the European proposal and that this currently appears to be allowable cold water extraction tips hydrocodone under AUSFTA Article 14.10.1(e)).

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