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All Escrow Collection Banks, which have branches in a Non Syndicate Broker Centre, shall ensure that at least one of its branches in the Non Syndicate Broker Centre accepts cheques. Non Syndicate Registered Brokers shall deposit the cheque in any how do you separate oxycodone from vicadin of the buy tramadol ultram bank branch of the collecting bank in the Non Syndicate Broker Centre. Non Syndicate Registered Brokers shall also update the electronic schedule (containing application details including the application amount) as downloaded from Stock Exchange platform and send how long does oxycontin stay in blood system it to local branch of the collecting bank.

Non Syndicate Registered Brokers shall retain all physical Bid cum Application Forms and send it to the Registrar to Issue after six months. 19.In case of Bid cum Application Forms submitted by buy tramadol ultram ASBA Bidders, Non Syndicate Registered Brokers shall forward a schedule (containing application number and amount) along with the Bid cum Application Forms to the mix adderall advil cold sinus branch where the ASBA Account is maintained of the relevant SCSB for blocking of fund. 20.QIBs (excluding Anchor Investors) and Non-Institutional Bidders can participate in the Issue only through the ASBA process. Retail Individual Bidders have the option to bid through the ASBA process or the non ASBA process. ASBA Bidders are required to submit their Bids to the Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate, Non Syndicate Registered Broker or to the SCSBs. Bidders other than ASBA Bidders are required to submit their Bids to the Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate or Non Syndicate Registered Broker.

Bidders are advised not to submit the Bid cum Application Form to Escrow Collection Banks and the same will be rejected buy tramadol ultram in such cases and the Bidders will not be entitled dr. mentzer oxycodone to any compensation whatsoever.

The Equity Shares have not been and will not be registered, listed or otherwise qualified in any other jurisdiction outside India and may not be offered or sold, and Bids may not be made by persons in any such jurisdiction, except in compliance with the applicable laws of such jurisdiction. Bidders are advised to ensure that any single Bid from them does not exceed the investment limits or maximum number of Equity Shares that can be held by them under applicable law.

Additional information specific to ASBA Bidders 1.Bid cum Application Forms in physical form will be available with the Designated Branches and buy tramadol ultram the Syndicate/ Sub Syndicate; and electronic buy hydrocodone without prescription overseas Bid cum Application Forms will be available on the websites of the SCSBs, Non Syndicate Registered Broker terminal and the Stock Exchanges at least one day prior to the Bid/ Issue Opening Date.

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