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Q1 The refrigerator in the pharmacy that is used for storage of pharmaceutical products should be kept at a temperature of: A 0-3°C B 2-8°C C 5-10°C D 6-12°C E -3-8°C Q2 A patient with diverticular disease is instructed to take a laxative. The pharmacist should appropriately recommend: A Senokot tablets B Dulco-lax tablets C glycerol suppositories D Fybogel sachets E magnesium hydroxide mixture Q3 A patient comes into the pharmacy with rhinorrhoea. Which of the fol lowing list of symptoms is most likely to indicate allergic rhinitis? A coloured sputum B fever C sore throat D order phentermine rx without sneezing E malaise Q4 What is the dose of mefenamic acid that can be given to a child of 3 years with a body weight of 15 kg, considering that the dosing regimen is 25 mg/kg daily in divided doses? A 10 mL t.d.s. B 5 mL t.d.s. C 2.5 mL cheap hydrocodone hydrocodone online D 5 mL b.d. E 7 mL t.d.s. Q5 Which of the following products could be responsible for causing con stipation? A Naprosyn B Adalat C co-codamol D Amoxil E Dulco-lax Q6 Over-the-counter products that may be recommended to prevent napkin dermatitis include all EXCEPT: A zinc and castor oil ointment B Vasogen C Sudocrem D Canesten HC E Drapolene Q7 A physician calls the pharmacist and enquires about a sustained- release NSAID for a patient who has sciatica. Of the following products, the pharmacist could suggest: A Nu-seals tablets B fentanyl patches Cco-codamol tablets D Voltarol tablets E Suboxone tablets Q8 When comparing amlodipine and nifedipine, amlodipine: A has a longer duration of action B can be used in hypertension C is available as a spray formulation D causes ankle swelling as a side-effect E cannot be used in angina Q9 A microorganism that is associated with serious complications if associated with eye infections is: A herpes simplex virus B Escherichia coli C Pseudomonas aeruginosa D Aspergillus niger E Bacillus subtilis Q10 Gingivitis refers to inflammation of the: A pharynx B tongue C gums D larynx E salivary gland Q11 Which buy cheap hydrocodone hydrocodone online of the following is NOT an 6 buy tramadol inflammatory mediator? A bradykinin buy cheap hydrocodone hydrocodone online B histamine C lymphokines D gl ucose Elysosomal enzymes A Staphylococcus aureus B Haemophilus influenzae C Streptococcus pyogenes D Pseudomonas aeruginosa E Enterobius vermicularis Q13 Which of the following drugs is associated with precipitation of a migraine attack? A aspirin B combined oral contraceptives C metoclopramide D propranolol E diazepam Q14 Which of the following is NOT a cytotoxic drug?

A vincristine B fluorouracil C ciclosporin D bleomycin E methotrexate Q15 Leg ionnaire's disease affects primarily the: Arespiratory system B urinary tract C skin D eye E gums A digoxin B phenytoin C enalapril D theophylline E captopril Q17 A patient comes to the pharmacy with mosquito bites. Which of between difference hydrocodone oxycontin the following preparations would be most suitable? A paracetamol tablets B hydrocortisone cream C fusid ic acid cream D benzocaine spray E mepyramine cream Q18 The molecular structure of ampicillin is shown below. O buy cheap hydrocodone hydrocodone online This structure may be modified to produce amoxicillin by attaching a (an): A hydroxyl group B amide C aldehyde D hydroxyl group and carboxylic group E hydroxyl group and chloride group Questions 19-31 Directions: Each group of questions below consists of five lettered headings followed by a list of numbered questions.

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