Answers com topic hydrocodone

Answers com topic hydrocodone

1 dispense paracetamol 2 dispense a topical nasal decongestant 3 alter dose of warfarin A 1, 2, 3 B 1, 2 only C 2, 3 only D 1 only E 3 only Q94 What advice should be given? 1 seek advice from a general practitioner immediately 2 monitor INR daily 3 seek advice if condition gets worse A 1, 2, 3 B C O CN C c O 00 CN D 1 only E 3 only Patient's name: Chloramphenicol eye drops b.d.

1 pack Doctor's signature: Q95 Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the: A eyelid margins B conjunctiva C iris D lacrymal sac E meibomian glands Q96 Chloramphenicol: 1 has a broad spectrum 2 should not be used in superficial eye infections 3 should not be used in undiagnosed 'red eye' A 1, 2, 3 B 1, 2 only C 2, 3 only D 1 only E 3 only Q97 Com mon side-effects experienced with chloramphenicol eye prepara- tions may include: 1 transient stinging 2 agranulocytosis 3 photophobia A 1, 2, 3 B 1, 2 only C 2, 3 only D 1 only E 3 only Q98 Patient should be advised 1 apply drops morning and midday 2 apply ointment at night 3 avoid use of contact lenses A 1, 2, 3 B 1, 2 only C 2, 3 only D 1 only E 3 only Q99 Eye drops: 1 are generally instilled into the pocket formed by gently pulling down the lower eyelid 2 the eye should be kept closed for as long as possible after application 3 the closure time is preferably 1-2 minutes A 1, 2, 3 B 1, 2 only C 2, 3 only D 1 only E 3 only Q100 Chloramphenicol answers com topic hydrocodone eye drops: 1 are sterile before opening 2 contain a preservative 3 are available in answers com topic hydrocodone 30 mL containers A 1, 2, 3 B 1, 2 only C 2, 3 only D 1 only E 3 only Test 5 Answers A1 C First-line treatment in upper respiratory tract infections includes the use of penicillins, cephalosporins and macrolides. Patients who are allergic to penicillins tend to be cross-sensitive to cephalosporins, so are given macrolides such as clarithromycin. A2 E The buy tramadol online saturday delivery opioid analgesics, such as codeine, tramadol and fentanyl may cause drowsiness. Sumatriptan, which is a serotonin agonist, also tends to cause drowsiness. Modern non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as diclofenac, do not cause drowsiness. A3 C Extemporaneous preparations, such as creams that are prepared in the pharmacy, have an expiry date of 4 weeks. A4 A Statins, such answers com topic hydrocodone as fluvastatin, may cause myalgia as a sign of myopathy. Patients are advised to report myalgia immediately. A5 C Diabetic patients are advised to carry sweets as a source of answers com topic hydrocodone sugar in case of a hypoglycaemic reaction. A6 B A solution of 1 g of sodium chloride in 100 mL water makes up a 1% w/v solution.

A7 C Thiazide diuretics act on the beginning of the distal convoluted tubule by inhibiting sodium re-absorption. Thiazide diuretics are indicated in hypertension, and at higher doses to relieve oedema caused by heart failure. Thiazide diuretics lead to hyponatraemia and hypokalaemia. They may cause hypercalcaemia and are therefore avoided in patients with this condition. A8 B Concomitant intake of alcohol and metronidazole is potentially dangerous, leading to a disulfiram-like type reaction characterised by intense vasodilatation, throbbing headache, tachycardia and sweating which can lead to death.

A9 D High concentrations of vitamin A in pregnancy tend to be teratogenic leading to birth defects.

A10 C Itraconazole is a triazole antifungal, which increases the plasma concentration of digoxin, hence increasing the risk of digoxin toxicity.

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