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To be able to achieve this, pharmacy education systems should ensure that a programme of education and training is provided to graduates who will be able to reach these goals. During the 2005 Annual Conference of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP), the Malta Declaration on pharmacy education was adopted by the Executive Committee and delegates from 68 xanax us pharmacy schools of pharmacy and pharmacy institutions from 29 countries. The scope of the EAFP Malta Declaration is to define university courses for pharmacy education programmes so as to promote harmonisation and cooperation among faculties of pharmacy xanax us pharmacy in Europe. This will promote international student and staff mobility and supports recognition of professional qualifications between member states of the European Union. EAFP holds that pharmacist education programmes should be equivalent to at least 300 ECTS. A balance between theoretical, laboratory and patient centred training is required while maintaining the university character of the curriculum.

A thorough grounding in the basic sciences, including research approach, should be maintained while contemporary developments in pharmacy namely pharmaceutical care, professionalism-values, behaviours and attitudes, clinical pharmacy and clinical analysis, prescription and non-prescription medicines regulatory affairs, pharmacoeconomics, medical devices and industrial pharmacy should be given adequate coverage.

A six- month traineeship in a pharmacy that is open to the public or in a hospital under the supervision of a pharmacist should be carried out within the university course so as to integrate the knowledge base and professional practice within a university milieu. In addition, training periods should also be considered during the course for buy tramadol onlincod other pharmacy-related areas such as industrial pharmacy.

Training periods may also be offered in one or more optional areas, depending on the individual institution. EAFP recommends at least a five-year programme of university education and xanax us pharmacy training for a pharmacist to ensure that the individual has acquired knowledge and skills in the scientific areas of chemistry and manufacture of medicines, effects, actions and use of medicines as well as in the practice areas of the provision of professional services according to good professional standards, evaluation of information on medicines and pursuit of continuing professional development programmes in the interest of patients requiring therapeutical intervention. This declaration outlines a framework that may be followed by schools of pharmacy to ensure a sound buy tramadol 0a development of the graduates' portfolio. The students should ensure that they are able to demonstrate that they have developed the necessary skills to practise the profession competently. By using textbooks such as Further MCQs in Pharmacy Practice, prepared by Lilian M.

Azzopardi and her colleagues, the students have a useful tool, which helps them to undertake self-assessment procedures. Self-assessment is a healthy way to study and prepare for final examinations and registration examinations. With the explanations provided and the data presented in the appendices, pharmacy students should be able to use this book as a useful revision aid prior to assessments. Professor Benito del Castillo Garcia Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy University Complutense, Madrid, Spain President, European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy June 2006 Introduction A number of pharmacy examination boards who act as the final judges in allowing a candidate to practise unsupervised as a pharmacist are using multiple choice questions (MCQs) as a useful tool to help them xanax us pharmacy in making their decision. This not only applies to pharmacy, and MCQs are now commonly used to examine several other healthcare professionals. The responsibility in formulating these examination questions is significant. While there is a requirement to ensure that candidates who present a threat to pharmacy practice are identified, thus ensuring that they should not obtain a pass mark in the examination, the examination should also ensure that competent candidates do make the grade.

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