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There is a list of matters reserved for the Board which may be updated by the Board and approved by the Board only. The xanax online no script Chairman is responsible for leading the Board, facilitating the effective contribution of all members and ensuring that it operates effectively in xanax online no script the interests of the shareholders.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the leadership of the business and implementation of the strategy.

The Company Secretary is responsible, on behalf of the Chairman, for ensuring that all Board and Committee meetings are conducted properly, that the Directors receive the appropriate information prior to the meeting, for ensuring that governance requirements are considered and implemented and for accurately recording each meeting. The Directors may have access to independent professional advice, where needed, at the Group's expense. Management Teams During 2012 the Board delegated management xanax online no script of the business to the Corporate Organisation Team and the UK and International Review and Planning Teams. The Executive Team, which comprises the Executive Directors is the chief operating decision maker and attends the Corporate Organisation Team and Review and Planning team meetings.

Reporting Structure Committees The Board has an Audit Committee, a Nominations Committee and a Remuneration Committee, each with need a prescription for xanax written terms of reference. The terms of reference are available on the Group's website. Meetings The Board meets regularly on predetermined dates and has a strategy meeting each year consisting of the Board casino cialis followup january phentermine poker post tramadol viagra and other Senior Managers, the purpose of which is to discuss progress on the strategy, to review the long term strategy and develop the strategic framework for the achievement of the Group's targets.

During 2012 the Board held ten scheduled meetings and all members of the Board attended all of those meetings. In addition there were a number of ad-hoc meetings. Non-Executive Directors The role of the non-executive directors is •Challenge constructively and help develop proposals on strategy •Satisfy themselves as to the financial integrity of the financial information •Satisfy themselves as to the robustness of the controls •Ensure that the systems of risk management are robust and defensible •Revi ew management performance and the monitoring xanax online no script and reporting of such performance. They have a role in determining the pay and benefits of the Executive Directors, to play a key role in the appointment and, if necessary, removal of Executive Directors and Board succession.

Risk Management The Board is ultimately responsible for the Group's system of internal control and for reviewing its effectiveness.

This includes having an ongoing process in place for identifying, evaluating and managing significant risks.

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