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There is however concern thal ihis foils short of providing paiianu with me dear Information me* need to make decisions oboni rheic (rc^hron!. Rood rmrre Add to Portfolio Sanofi SA Go to yerjr flsrttote > mom than $100,000 a best. ; yfi on 161 O lfll J Innovation Scorecard fails to measure up for patients1 access to medicines hydrocodone shipped cod abp Bringing medicines to life CllrXrUi jjorkeunrs Sanofi Halves Price of Cancer Drug Zaltrap After Sloan- Kettering Rejection PwMftM NMnM I. 2012 In an unusual move, a b:g drug company said on Thursday that it would effectively cut in half the price of a new cancer drug after a leading cancer center said it would not use phentermine xenical online order consultation the drug because it "'as too expensive The move - announced by Sanofi for the colon cancer drug Zaltrap could be a sign of resistance to the unfettered increase in the prices of cancer drugs, some of which cost ind increase survival In a few months at Zaltrap came to market in August at a price of about $11,000 a month. Soon after, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York decided not to use the drug, saving it was twice as expensive but no more effective than a similar medicine. Both drugs improved median survival by 1.4 months, doctors there said. Three doctors at Sloan-Kettering publicized the cancer center s decision last month in an Op-Ed article in The New York Times. When choosing treatments for patients, we have to consider the financial strains they may cause alongside the benefits they may deliver. * Sanofi executives argued that the price they had set was very phentermine xenical online order consultation similar to that of Avastin. "The intent w as not to charge a premium,' Christopher A. the chief executive 'phentermine xenical online order consultation Ignoring the exist of car presented the medical CM "At Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, we recently made a decision that should have been a no-brainer: we are not going to give a phenomenally expensive new cancer drug to our patients. The reasons are simple: The drug, Zaltrap, has proved to be no better than a similar medicine we already have for advanced colorectal cancer, while its price - at $11,063 on average for a month of treatment - is more than twice as high" Peter B. New York Times 14th October 2012 VM GALBRAITH LCWIGHT^, I ISLAS BALEARES^ Market Access planning must be considered at sub-national level in some countries - increasing the time delay to access for patients, & increasing costs for industry The following regions have their own Health technology assessment agencies: -Agencia de Evaluacion de Tecnologias Sanitarias de Andalucfa -Instituto Aragones de Ciencias de la Salud -Agencia d'Avaluacio de Tecnologia i Recerca Mediques de Catalunya -Axencia de Avaliacion de Tecnoloxias Sanitarias de Galicia -Agencia Lain Entralgo de Madrid, Unidad de Evaluacion de Tecnologias Sanitarias, Comunidad de Madrid -OSTEBA, Osasun Teknologien Ebaluazioko Zerbitzua, Pais Vasco -Servicio de Evaluacion del Servicio Canario de Salud TA GALBRAITH \A/I G H TRO phentermine xenical online order consultation thr+mn I The ten steps of Market Access Planning 4 The right Phase III Development Program 3 The right Phase II Development Program 2 The right Asset selection 1 The right Disease strategy Following pricing & reimbursement com doc tramadol approval significant work is required to ensure the appropriate funding streams, including issues such as J code or DRG inclusion, plus those instruments which surround the ability to prescribe: >Formulary inclusion >Guideline inclusion >Prescribing protocols >Prescribing software inclusion Both Industry and Payers have an dilaudid and tramadol obligation & responsibility to address the access for patients post national pricing & reimbursement approval GALBRAITH VV1G H TRU thr+dfi Market Access tools & processes to facilitate Funding and Enabling Prescribing have been developed & can be implemented locally This example shows a 9-step market access execution framework process developed by GalbraithWight - a comprehensive & systematic process for segmenting Payer customers and adapting the Value Story to meet their specific needs & requirements.

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