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Areas for further actions include evaluating environmental information on pharmaceuticals no overnight prescription xanax collected by the European Medicines Agency no overnight prescription xanax and national medicines authorities with a view to integrating this information into the current EU legislative framework. Objective #12: Measures to reduce the potentially harmful impacts of pharmaceuticals on the European environment and public how to safely detox from hydrocodone health should be proposed. Although only presenting general ideas about future legislative measures to protect European water sources from pharma pollution, this text firmly rivets such pollution as a significant problem within the community.

Thereby, its adoption as a communication from the Commission can be regarded as an important policy act in this arena. In Sweden the Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvardsverket) has conducted a broad survey of the appearance of pharmaceuticals in a large number of national surface waters.

The Swedish Medical Products Agency (Lakemedelsverket) has released a report (December 2009) to the Government in which it is suggested that (i) the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) criteria should be amended to include requirement for an environmental certificate for producers of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients, and (ii) the current definition of risk/benefit balance in the EU legislation on human pharmaceuticals should be amended. The Agency no overnight information instructions patient tramadol ultracet prescription xanax proposes that risk for the environment should be part of this assessment, implying that environmental risk under certain circumstances should create basis for refusal of a marketing application. During the Swedish presidency of the European Union 2009 an innovative step was taken to stimulate the pharmaceutical producers to develop new antibiotic drugs. Development of new antibiotics has not been a priority for the pharmaceutical producers since such products must be used with restriction (to avoid development of resistance, cf. Restricted use hampers the possibility for pay-back to the producers of the R&D costs for the substance. The Swedish Government has instructed the European Commission to prepare a proposal implying that member countries directly cover R&D costs for new antibiotics, aside the normal financing via market sales. Hence, the producer should be guaranteed pay-back even if sales remain low. Such a system for financing of pharmaceutical R&D costs implies a new paradigm, and opens up very promising perspectives not only for development of new antibiotics, but also for e.g.

new medicines against third world disease and drugs sold in very small quantities. What was the reaction from the pharmaceutical producers to such a radical idea? Hitherto, the comments have been precautious but positive. As to date no firm proposal to the financing system has been presented, but there is no doubt that all parties involved are looking forward to the result of the Commission's task with great interest. The pharmaceutical producers have also, to various extents, begun adopting "green chemistry" techniques both in their R&D and in the production.

As mentioned earlier the results of these efforts have been xanax victimization used even in marketing activities.

It may be assumed that many more companies than those going public with their "green" ambitions follow the development with great attention. To summarize, the transformation of pharmaceutical management towards sustainability has been initiated in various arenas, to variable extent and with different degrees of success. In discussing pharmaceutical sustainability one specific aspect must not be forgotten, i.e.

the sustainable character of the drug that was never prescribed.

There is a trend in the modern society that any symptom, any disease and any malfunction, mental or physical, can and must be eliminated with a suitable pharmaceutical product.

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