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Authority for the Issue The Board of Directors has, pursuant to a resolution passed at its meeting held on June 5, 2013, authorised this Fresh Issue subject to the approval of the shareholders of our new xanax Company, and such other authorities as may be necessary. The shareholders of our Company have, pursuant to a resolution dated June 10, 2013, under Section 81(1A) of the Companies Act, authorised this Fresh Issue. Pursuant to a letter dated [•], we new xanax have applied to the FIPB for its approval for the participation of Non-Residents in the Issue. The Selling Shareholder has obtained approval for the Offer for Sale pursuant to its board resolution dated March 21, 2013. Our Company has obtained in-principle listing approvals dated [•] and [•] from the BSE and the NSE, respectively. Ranking of Equity Shares The Equity Shares being issued or transferred in the Issue shall be subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, our Memorandum and Articles and shall rank pari passu in all respects with the existing Equity Shares including rights in respect of dividend. The Allottees will be entitled to dividends and other corporate benefits, if any, declared by our Company after the date of Allotment.

See section titled "Main Provisions of the Articles of Association" on page 457 for a description of significant provisions of our Articles. Mode of Payment of Dividend Our Company shall pay dividends, if declared, to shareholders of our Company as per the provisions of the Companies Act, Articles of Association and the provisions of the Listing Agreements. In relation to the Offer for Sale, the dividend for the entire year shall be payable to the transferees. Face Value and Issue Price The face value of the Equity Shares is ' 10 each. The Floor Price of Equity Shares is ' [•] per Equity Share and the Cap Price is how to stop taking hydrocodone ' [•] per Equity Share. The Anchor Investor Issue Price is ' [•] per Equity Share. At any given point of time there shall be only one denomination for the Equity Shares. Compliance with the SEBI Regulations Our Company shall comply with all applicable disclosure and accounting norms as specified by SEBI from time to time. Subject to applicable laws, rules, regulations and guidelines and the provisions of our Articles, the equity shareholders of our Company shall have the following rights: •The right to receive dividends, if declared; • The right to attend general meetings and exercise voting powers, unless prohibited by law; • The right to vote on a poll either in person or by proxy; • The right to receive offers for rights shares and be allotted bonus shares, if announced; • The right to receive any surplus on liquidation subject to any statutory and new xanax other preferential claims being satisfied; •The right to freely transfer their Equity Shares, subject to applicable law, including any rules of the RBI and other applicable regulations; and •Such other rights, as may be available to a shareholder of a listed public company under the Companies Act, the terms of the Listing Agreements executed with the Stock Exchanges, and our Memorandum and Articles. For a detailed description of the main provisions of our Articles relating to voting rights, dividend, forfeiture and lien, transfer and transmission, and/ or consolidation/ splitting, see "Main Provisions of the Articles of Association" on page 457. Market Lot, Trading Lot and Option to receive Equity Shares in Dematerialised Form Pursuant to Section 68B of the Companies Act, the Equity Shares shall be Allotted only in dematerialised form. Hence, the Equity Shares being offered through this Draft Red Herring Prospectus can be applied for in the dematerialised form only.

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