New phentermine

New phentermine

• Process development of certain molecules in the nonpenicillin non cephalosporin segment has been carried out by your Company's R&D which includes a few new chemical entities. These molecules belongs to different therapeutic categories like antihypertensive, anti-cancer, anti-ulcerative, cholesterol lowering agents, anti-asthmatic, treatment of narcolepsy, anti-migraine, anti-osteoporosis, anti-psychotic, treatment of insomnia, anticoagulant, schizophrenia etc., Most of the projects except a few adipex ambiencr hoodia hydrocodone meridia phentermine were successfully scaled up and technology has been transferred to the Company's GMP compliant manufacturing facility at Aurangabad. Benefits derived as a result of the above R&D activities. • Development and scale up of new API molecules will not only cater to the requirements of formulation research but also help in strengthening our overall product pipeline.

Several complex scale-up challenges like hygroscopic and sensitive polymorph were handled and resolved edu pharmacysearch generic xanax and the technology is transferred smoothly for scale up. Such development and scale-up are highly safer, cost effective and robust. • Development and scale up of NCE molecules will help the Company carry out toxicological and clinical development studies and support of in-house drug discovery research. Future plan of action The focus of your Company's research and development will continue to be on quality, reduction of process time and cost of manufacturing. Your Company through its wholly owned research subsidiary has been keenly working on proprietary, novel drug discovery research in the following therapeutic areas namely, anti-infectives, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, metabolic disorders and Central Nervous System (CNS).

In addition, the focus will also be on New Chemical Entities (NCEs) in various therapeutic areas.

Expenditure on R&D The R&D outlay was as follows (Rs Lakhs) Year ended March 31, 2011 Year ended March 31, 2010 a) Capital 642.78 57.75 b) Recurring 3,326.62 5,388.49 c) Total 3,969.40 5,446.24 d) Total R&D expenditure as a percentage of the total turnover 2.36% 4.33% II Technology absorption, adaptation and innovation I. Research and Development 1.Efforts in brief, made towards buy vicodin cod technology absorption, adaptation and innovation.

•Developments of a few cost reduction projects of existing API pipeline have been carried out in the laboratory and are in the process of scale-up.

•Excellent new phentermine process chemistry and successful scale-up had helped in removal of very tedious and time consuming operations such as separation through column chromatography for a particular molecule. Time cycle reduction on this has been at least 40%.

•In alignment with environmentally friendly practices, your Company successfully promoted carbon foot print campaign supported by green chemistry practices hydrocodone rash for laboratory processes.

existing API molecules will improve the margins and reduce the effluent load, become environmentally benign thereby improving the overall efficiency of the products. •12 Patents have been filed for the innovations carried out during the development. •Chemical use and solvent consumption is monitored routinely and conservation approached instituted to reduce cost to the company and the environment. Imported technology (imported during the last 5 years reckoned from the new phentermine beginning of the financial year): a) Technology No new technology has been imported by Orchid during the year b) Year of import Not applicable c) Has this technology been Not applicable fully absorbed d) If not fully absorbed, areas where Not applicable this has not taken place, reasons thereof and future plans of action Annexure III - Foreign exchange earnings & outgo a) Activities relating to exports, new phentermine initiatives taken to increase exports, development of new export markets for products and services and export plans.

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