Is phenterthin3 the same as phentermine 37.5, florida lawyer oxycontin

Is phenterthin3 the same as phentermine 37.5

Several of these effects oxycodone benefits are dependent on the Company or its shareholders fulfilling the conditions prescribed under the relevant provisions of the statute. Hence, the ability of the Company or its shareholders is phenterthin3 the same as phentermine 37.5 to derive the tax benefits is dependent upon fulfilling such conditions, which is based on business imperatives the Company or its shareholders may face in the future and accordingly, the Company or its shareholders may or may not choose to fulfill.

The Direct Tax Code (which consolidates the prevalent direct tax laws) is phenterthin3 the same as phentermine 37.5 is proposed to come. However, it may undergo a few more changes by the time it is actually introduced and hence, at the moment, it is unclear what effect the proposed Direct Tax Code would have on the Company and is phenterthin3 the same as phentermine 37.5 its investors. The benefits discussed in the enclosed annexure are not exhaustive and the preparation of the contents stated is the responsibility of the management. We are informed that this statement is only intended to provide general information to the investors and hence is neither designed nor intended to be a substitute for professional tax advice. In is phenterthin3 the same as phentermine 37.5 view of the individual nature of the tax consequences and the changing tax laws, each investor is advised to consult his or her own tax consultant with respect to the specific tax implications arising out of their participation in the issue. We do not express any opinion or provide any assurance as to whether: •The Company or its shareholders will continue to obtain these benefits in future; or •The conditions prescribed for availing the benefits have been/would be met with. Our views expressed herein are based on information, explanations and representations obtained from the Company and on the basis of their understanding of the business activities and operations of the Company. No assurance is given that the revenue authorities/courts will concur with the views expressed herein.

Our views are based on the existing provisions of law and its interpretation, which are subject to change from time to time. We do not assume responsibility to update the views consequent to such changes.

We shall not be liable to the Company for any claims, liabilities or expenses relating to this assignment cstory buy xanax online as finally judicially determined to have resulted primarily from bad 4.25 online order phentermine faith or intentional misconduct. We will not be is phenterthin3 the same as phentermine 37.5 liable to any other person in respect of this statement. The enclosed annexure is intended solely for your information and for inclusion in the Draft Red herring Prospectus (DRHP) in connection with the proposed issue and is not to be used, referred to or distributed for any other purpose without prior written consent.

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