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The said 24% limit infusion av tramadol can be increased up to the applicable sectoral cap by passing a resolution by the Board followed by passing a special resolution to that effect by the shareholders of our Company. Our infusion av tramadol Company has not obtained board or shareholders approval to increase the FII limit to more than 24%.Thus as of now, the aggregate FII holding in our Company cannot exceed 24% of the total issued and paid-up equity share capital of our Company. Subject to compliance with all applicable Indian laws, rules, regulations guidelines and approvals in terms of Regulation 15A(1) of the FII Regulations, an FII or its Sub-Account may issue, deal or hold, offshore derivative instruments (as defined under the FII Regulations as any instrument, by whatever name called, which is issued overseas by a foreign institutional investor against securities held by it that are listed or proposed to be listed on any recognised stock exchange in India, as its underlying) directly or indirectly, only in the event (i) such offshore derivative instruments are issued only to persons who are regulated by an appropriate foreign regulatory authority; and (ii) such offshore derivative instruments are issued after compliance with 'know your client' norms. The FII or Sub-Account is also required to ensure that no further issue or transfer of any offshore derivative instrument is made by or on behalf of it to any persons that are not regulated by an appropriate foreign regulatory authority as defined under the FII Regulations.

Associates and affiliates of the Underwriters, including the BRLMs that are FIIs, may issue offshore derivative instruments against Equity Shares Allotted to them.

Any such offshore derivative instrument does not constitute any obligation or claim on or interest in our Company. Bids by VCFs, AIFs and FVCIs The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Venture Capital Funds) Regulations, 1996 and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Foreign Venture Capital Investor) Regulations, 2000, each prescribe investment restrictions on VCFs and FVCIs, respectively, registered with SEBI.

Accordingly, the holding in any company by any individual VCF registered with SEBI infusion av tramadol should not exceed 25% of the corpus of the VCF. However, VCFs or FVCIs may invest not over 33.33% of their respective investible funds in various prescribed instruments, including in public offerings. The Category I and II AIFs cannot invest more than 25% of their respective corpus in one investee company.

A category III AIF cannot invest more than 10% of its corpus in one investee company. A venture capital fund registered as a category I AIF, as defined in the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Alternate Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012, cannot invest more than 1/3rd of its corpus by way of subscription to an initial public offering of a venture capital undertaking. Additionally, the VCFs which have not re-registered as an AIF under the SEBI (Alternate Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012 shall infusion av tramadol continue to be regulated by the VCF Regulations. Bids by limited liability partnerships In case of Bids made by limited liability partnerships registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, a certified copy of certificate of registration issued under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, must be attached to the Bid cum Application Form.

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