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1956 or any other Act, or rules applicable in this behalf. 29 The provisions of this Article shall mutatis mutandis apply to the debenture certificates of the Company. Calls 31 The Directors may from time to time and subject to Section 91 of the Act and subject to the terms on which any shares/debentures may have been issued and subject to the conditions of allotment, by a resolution passed at a meeting of the Board (and not by circular resolution) make such calls as they think fit upon the members/debenture holders in respect of all moneys unpaid on the shares/debentures held by them respectively and such member/debenture holders shall pay the amount of every call so made on him to the persons and at the times and places appointed by the Directors. A call may be postponed or revoked as the Board may determine. 32 A call shall be' deemed to have been made at the time when the resolution of the Directors authorising such call was passed and may be made payable by members/debenture holders on a subsequent date to be specified by the Directors. 33 Thirty days notice in writing shall be given by the Company of every calls made payable otherwise than on allotment specifying the time and place of payment provided that before the time of payment of such call, the Directors may by notice in writing to the members/debenture holders revoke the same. 34 The Directors may, from time to time, at their discretion, extend the time fixed for the payment of any call, and may extend such time as to all or any hypokalemia, phentermine of the members/debenture holders who from residence at a distance or other cause, the Directors may deem fairly entitled to such extension, but no member/debenture holder shall be entitled to such extension, save as a matter of grace and favour. 35 Any sum, which by the terms of issue xenical hgh phentermine quit s of a share/debenture becomes payable on allotment or at any fixed date hypokalemia, phentermine whether on account of the nominal value of the share/debenture or by way of premium, shall for the purposes of these Articles be deemed hydrocodone w/apap to be a call duly made and payable on the date on which by the terms of issue the same becomes payable, and in case of non-payment, all the relevant provisions of these Articles as to payment of interest and expenses, forfeiture or otherwise, shall apply hypokalemia, phentermine as if such sum had hypokalemia, phentermine become payable by virtue of a call duly made and notified. 36 If by the condition of allotment of any shares the whole or part of the amount of issue price' thereof shall be payable by instalments, every such instalment shall, when due, be paid to the Company by the person who, for the time being and from time to time, shall be the registered holder of the share or his legal representative. 37 Where any calls for further Share Capital are made on shares, such calls shall be made on a uniform basis on all shares falling under the same class.

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